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100,000 Shocked: North Korea Cancels Massive Yearly Anti-U.S. Rally

Kim Jong-un (pictured) who demands to be known as "The Dear Leader" at gunpoint, seems to be softening.

Newsweek reported only six days ago that anti-U.S. souvenirs have been yanked from stores in the Asian nation of North Korea. Citizens and others are scooping them up as collector items, which was a sign seen as NAZI Germany was falling. Coins and such are still sold on Ebay to this day. Now, American Military News is reporting that the anti-U.S. rally that has been a staple of North Korean culture is being canceled for the first time in recent memory.

The expunging of the “anti-U.S. imperialism” rally can not be overstated. As many people know, hatred for the U.S.A. had been as vital to the D.P.R.K. as the supposed godhood of their leader, Kim Jong-un and his family. For much of the nation’s history, this was one of the Hermit Kingdom’s “most symbolic and political events” and is like canceling Christmas and the Fourth of July at the same time in America. To say that the nation is stunned is to put it lightly.

The event, which is usually held with an almost religious fervor, was conducted each year on July 27, the start of the Korean War. It was always heralded as the “Victory in the Fatherland Liberation War,” as well. Even anti-U.S. postal stamps were issued with a healthy dose of Hermit “KIMdom” propaganda.

As for the scope of the massive yearly ceremony, roughly 100,000 people attended last years hate-America shindig at Kim Il Sung Square, according to Reuters. Even the name of the square honors the founder, the “Eternal Leader” who, though dead, is officially the ruler of the country. (yes, it’s true)

Kim did not release any statement on the matter, but ever since his meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore, the hateful rhetoric has all but stopped. The left could not have been more wrong about what it is that Mr. Trump accomplished at that meeting with his North Korean counterpart and he may yet get the Nobel Peace Prize that his base often chants for at rallies because of it.

The once (and perhaps still?) barbaric leader did release a 42-minute documentary of the meeting and it has been hammered into the culture like all things that the state demands. Homes in Pyongyang can turn down, but not off, the state’s messages in their homes. Silencing them is illegal and doing so can land a whole family in prison for three generations.

Then again, most of North Korea has no electricity, so it is safe to assume that the vast majority of the people in that country had no idea, and those with no newspaper service still may not have any clue as to what is happening. N.K., after all, really is that poor and destitute.

Donald Trump even had his whole name printed in the North Korean media, a huge honor in the Asian culture, and something that purposefully not done before. Also, the ranting about needing nuclear weapons, a daily topic in the news piped in from North Korea, has all but vanished.

It is noted that hatred for the U.S. is taught in schools as part of the official curriculum. The average North Korean knows no more about how they are lied to concerning the “less than human Americans” than the Hitler Youth did about how they were lied to about the “less than human Jews.” They simply know no better. To them, it is a scientific fact that Americans are all but animals.

For a nation so very poor, changing this could take some time, and it remains to be seen how this issue is going to be addressed moving forward.

The barriers to peace are dropping fast. Pentagon chief spokesperson Dana White said that the United States would “indefinitely suspend” a pair of training exercises with South Korea, a major concern and demand of Kim Jong-un. Wargaming with the South Koreans is also to stop.

Even Donald Trump, not a man famous for softening his “tone” (as he says) did just that. At first, he had proclaimed that the U.S. would not halt military activities until the deal was fully done. Now America’s leader said, “We will stop the war games, which will save us a tremendous amount of money, unless and until we see the future negotiations is not going along like it should.” This is a sign that he is not the unmovable monster portrayed by the media.

In fact, he may yet one day hold the Nobel Prize in his hand to prove it.