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$17,500: Taxpayers Forfeit This Amount As City’s Illegal Defense Fund Makes HUGE Error

Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown is leading the charge to defend illegal immigrants.

Columbus, Ohio is one of many cities setting up funds to help illegal immigrants fight deportation. In most cases, taxpayers are unwittingly contributing this money and nobody seems inclined to inform them. In Columbus, the city council has made a huge error by scamming citizens even further since $17,500 will go to an organization linked to terrorism. 

Columbus City Councilwoman Elizabeth Brown vowed to fight for illegal immigrants shortly after President Trump got elected. She posted on social media, “In Columbus, we stand with immigrants! This morning I announced Council’s commitment to a legal defense fund to support our refugees and immigrants as they face an onslaught of new hurdles to keep their families together. I’m excited to get to work. Who wants to help?”

It took until last week for the City Council to make it official though. They have established the defense fund with $185,000 in taxpayer money. Nonprofits will receive the money to “educate detained immigrants on their rights under immigration law and to represent those from Columbus facing deportation in the Cleveland Immigration Court.” Brown has stated that cases of immigrants who have children will get preference. 

Advocates for Basic Legal Equality Inc. will get the biggest share for now. Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) is getting their portion to provide “legal services that help keep families together in the central Ohio immigrant and refugee communities.”

CAIR has long been associated with terrorism. The founding members of the organization also ran the American-wing of Hamas, a Palestinian terrorist group. Top FBI officials have stated that CAIR promotes and finances terrorism. This is a group that should never receive money from American taxpayers, let alone to help illegal immigrants fight the federal law.

Source: Judicial Watch