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19-Nation Connection Survives, Pushing Populism and Le Pen Onward To Sure Victory

Le Pen will not be seeing the Franc returning to France as soon as she had hoped.

Yesterday’s news found that the elections in France are going to be full of changes and upheavals. We learned that two underdog third parties demolished the standard Republican and Socialists parties in France, for starters. Marine Le Pen (who some call the “Trump of the E.U.”) took her populist message of “France First” into a solid second place footing behind the more NWO friendly “centrist”, Emmanuel Macron. With the second round of French elections due at the end of May, many have wondered what all of this means for the future of the Euro. After all, 19 nations are yoked under the Euro and their financial futures depend upon the strength of it.

The “one size fits all” currency is loathed by the smaller nations of the E.U. because it buries them. At the same time, the larger nations often feel that the Euro holds them down by chaining them to smaller countries and their economies. The currency did not see the chopping block during Monday’s elections. However,  with Le Pen wanting to save France from the destructive Euro, it’s fate is far from secured.

The single currency called the Euro is not working for many nations withing the E.U.


Blasting News reports that one of the major problems with the Euro is that there is “no political body unifying its functions.” Since there are 19 nations yoked to the failing idea, this is a massive problem, as seen by Greece. Once that nation got behind it was all over for them. To this day they are saddled with debt that may never be repaid, even though they raided their citizen’s bank accounts to pay E.U. leader, Angela Merkel.

Le Pen has said that she desires to see the French people again the captain of their own vessel, so to speak. Under her, the Franc would again be the currency of France, something that some investors say would solve many of their economies problems. Great peril was predicted for England when it made moves against the European Union and none of that doom and gloom has come to pass. Therefore, while the Euro is still afloat for the time being, the ship is certainly starting to take on a lot of water. Just the same, while the Franc may one day be the currency of France again, that day is not yet here.

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