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200 Protesters Refuse To Move From Highway Exit

Is This What "Peaceful Protest" Looks Like To You?

Protesting is one thing, and a right that every citizen of our country should be afforded, as described within the Constitution. What is not okay, however, is using that privilege to harm others–and that’s precisely what has just happened.

According to Fox 61, an ambulance was trapped and unable to exit from the highway. Protesters, refusing to move and viciously shouting against President Trump, pushed the now-supposed pregnant woman (no source has yet confirmed with certainty the identity of the individual) into critical condition. EMTs acted swiftly, moving to enact emergency procedures.

These procedures are undoubtedly done best at the hospital where extensive testing and doctoral oversight can be provided. Unfortunately, the pregnant woman was forced to fight for her life–on the spot.

The lead protester, when spotted by police, immediately took off, knocking over several of his supporters while attempting to run from law enforcement. But, like all criminals who try to run, he was caught. The man, Norman Clement, will be charged with officer interference and highway blocking. His lawyer defends that he will not, however, face any charges related to the woman’s critical health status.

Norman Clement, The Man Who Led The Protest

Police were quick to respond, claiming that blocking a highway or roadway is not only a crime, but a dangerous action not to be tolerated (and this example shows precisely why).

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