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3 Words Become Criminal, France Introduced Ban On Phrase To Protect Muslims

If France has too many Muslims, no one there is allowed to say it.

The E.U. is seeing a rise in populist driven thought and the idea of putting the needs of France before the needs of those who aim her harm. While the idea of helping those plagued by a war of savage sharia law practitioners is just, the French have suffered a swarm of refugees far beyond what they could ever hope to successfully acclimate. Just like Sweden and Germany, the locals are saying that there are “too many Muslims” in France. However, saying those three words is now against the law in the “free” culture there.

This means that it can not be said even if it is something that is describing a fact. For instance, if a parent or PTA member were to say, “There are too many Muslims who do not know the language to teach this class properly,” that would be illegal. The right of the Islamist to not be offended trumps the right of the parents to have assurances that their tax dollars are going towards an environment conducive to young minds learning.

As the French see cries in favor of abusive ridden sharia law in their nation, they may not speak out against it.

Rather than being about using the limited resources at hand to make sure that everyone is on the same page, France has overextended itself and now simply criticizing the idea in a school OR town is illegal. No one is supposed to point out that having TOO MANY MUSLIMS is not helping the Islamic students, either, since they can’t be expected to learn well in French. It is also not helping anyone to have so many maladjusted residents that everyone is confused, uneasy, and congested, either. Many towns and cities just do not have the infrastructure or housing systems in place to make this happen smoothly.

With those words being illegal, one Reddit user summed it up best by saying, “There’s not enough French people in school/town.” If nothing else, it does twist the wording of the new law in order to point out how the French are not only losing their culture, but also with it, their right to comment about it happening.

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