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30 Years Later: Joe Biden Boasts Of Keeping Conservative Judge Off Supreme Court

Biden (pictured) is now bragging that he stood in the way of brilliant men.

The former Vice President that makes young women cringe, Joe Biden, has been guilty of saying some stupid things. He has all but endorsed violence on President Donald Trump for example, while claiming to be able to beat him in a national election. Still, bragging about keeping brilliant minds off the Supreme Court seems impossible for even someone of his questionable mental capabilities, but it has happened, according to Diogenes Middle Finger.

Likewise, New Busters has reported that 30 years ago, when Robert Bork has his “character assassinated,” it was Biden who was responsible for it. During a podcast called “Pod Save America,” the former VP said, “I’m the guy that kept there from being a guy who was maybe the most brilliant conservative who was nominated for the Supreme Court (Favreau snickers) and I kept him off the court. And I was able to … in the Judiciary Committee (to) defeat (Clarence) Thomas (nominated by the elder Bush four years later).”

Those are some bragging rights, Joe.

Keep in mind, the host is laughing that a qualified judge was robbed of his life’s work because he did not agree with a raging leftist.

He went further and admitted, “Bork got flat defeated. Thomas got defeated in committee. But the Constitution says the Senate shall advise and consent, not a committee shall advise and consent. And one of the reasons why I think the president didn’t pick the man we picked who was a really good guy, remember, some liberals were angry we didn’t pick somebody way left, because the Constitution as written says the Senate has as much right to determine who is on the court as the president does. It says the president can propose, the Senate disposes.

Today, when things like this are done against democrats, the cries are different.

When Obama or former leader Bill Clinton wanted to nominate someone, liberals insisted it was their right to do so. Many of these choices were not nearly as qualified as Bork was, bear in mind.

When, however, it comes time to see conservatives choose a judge, it suddenly becomes the job of the Senate, or whoever has the most leftists voting at the time. This double standard was clearly seen when George W. Bush pushed for Judge Harriet Miers who was also attacked for virtually no reason.

She withdrew her name from the hat over the backlash that she faced.

Still, to find Biden bragging that he kept brilliance away from the bench only speaks volumes about the kind of leadership that America really suffered during Obama’s 8 years.