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Afghanistan Capital No Longer Under ISIS Control

The U.S. has taken only about four months to secure the Afghanistan capital.

When President Donald Trump promised to not help the forces tied to ISIS (who Obama called “moderates“) recently, it allowed Russia to mow over ISIS like an N.F.L. linebacker tackling a midget. Not to be outdone by the Russians, the Tribunist has reported that American Special Forces killed 170 terrorist fighters and recaptured the capital city of Afghanistan. Needless to say, Putin did not meddle, either.

In a show of muscle that far outdoes any Hollywood attempt to capture it, “American Green Berets worked with three Afghan commando companies to combat ISIS” and Deh Bala is no longer in terrorist hands.

If President Obama had accomplished this under his watch, he would have gotten a ticker tape parade, marching bands, and endless praise from the media. The news outlets like CNN would have chirped about his teamwork with a former enemy, Russia.

For Donald Trump…nothing.

Perhaps this kind of teamwork, NOT the supposed election scandal pushed by the left, is why the White House is somewhat kind towards Russia. After all, no matter what tension exists between the Russians and the Americans, both sides know that the other is better than Daesh monsters.

This is a massive success and it is why the mainstream leftist media has not talked about it any. From April to June, Donald Trump has done what Obama could not do during the entire reign of ISIS!

There was not even anyone on the allied side killed during the victory.

This was one of the main green zones that did two things. One, it provided money, finance, logistics to ISIS and we’ve taken that away from them,” said a proudly victorious Lt. Col. Josh Thiel. He is a representative for the US First Special Forces Group.

Additionally, ISIS was using this as a site to prepare and move high-profile attacks on Kabul and Jalalabad,” he added. Well, they won’t be doing that any longer.

This is remarkable news since the Daily Mail cited a report that said, “The Deh Bala militants were using illegal logging and talc mining to fund their operations.

It has also been reported only days ago that ISIS was back to trying to recruit new blood by using the same tired disruptions that they did to create their hype the first time. The problem is that, except for a few teen runaway brides who are just too dull to know any better, their time has come and gone.

Sure, there may be a few nutcases ready to act out for Allah while waving the black ISIS flag, and they may inflict quite a bit of pain, too. That said, the numbers just are not there any longer.

It just took Donald Trump (and a little bit of common sense from Putin) to take out the last of the true believers.

…now about that parade…