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AG Jeff Sessions Hears From Liberals Over 3-D Printed Guns

Sessions giving the green light to the data being released does not alter existing state laws, a fact lost on the loony liberal left.

If Attorney General Jeff Sessions hopes to redeem himself in the eyes of those who feel that he was not the right man for the job (particularly in how he avoided Mueller’s Russia ruse), he may his chance to do so now. Celebrities and other liberal loonies are  “freaking out and begging Attorney General Jeff Sessions to block a State Department settlement that will allow Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed to upload 3-D printed gun instructions online,” according to Breitbart News.

Of course, there is no legal (nor practical) means of accomplishing this. Wilson or anyone else may post such information online and, in reality, many others already have. The horse has long, long been out of that barn, and Twitter is alive each week with “3-D Printing” as a trending hashtag.

Sen. Chuck Schumer’s (D-NY) said that 3-D guns are a pathway to fully automatic gun ownership, an opinion that has not been proven one way or the other.

The State Department in 2013 vastly overstepped their bounds – as some legal experts see it – by forcing Defense Distributed away from giving out the data then. The Second Amendment Foundation proved that this trampled the First Amendment rights of Defense Distributed in court and the information is due to be released.

As the Justice Department “finalizes the settlement,” crybaby liberals and those prone to knee-jerk reactions are having a fit on Twitter.

Alyssa Milano tweeted, “Join #NoRA in telling Congress: STOP 3D GUNS Please sign my petition.” She then posted a link to a petition begging for American’s rights to be destroyed via both the First AND Second Amendment.

Chelsea Handler was no more intelligent, choosing to type, “If we don’t scream and yell, any person will be able to start printing 3D guns this Wednesday, August 1st. Jeff sessions can stop this. Pls sign this petition.

Perhaps it is the fog in the Hollywood air that warps the minds of such people, but while it was “illegal” to post the data on how to craft 3-D printed guns online, the facts and knowhow is present in cyberspace to such a large degree that virtually everyone with a desire to know the skill does already.

Furthermore, allowing the information on how to make 3-D printed guns out does not change state laws pertaining to them. Anyone can look up how to make everything from L.S.D. to bombs but that does not make using the knowledge legal.

These are nuances which thinking people are able to easily process, but sadly, many liberals do not think as much as they do feel, in most instances. Therefore, if they feel like something may happen, they assume that their emotion is the guiding truth.

It rarely is, of course, but who can expect a Democrat to understand that?