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American Airlines Passenger Awakens To “Horrifying” Sight Of Man Next To Her

American Airlines had no acceptable response to the incident.

Warning: This subject could be disturbing to some readers.

Everyone knows the feeling of being stuck on an airplane in a seat next to someone you would prefer not to be. Perhaps they talk too much or have a bad odor, there generally isn’t much to be done except deal with it. Can you imagine finding out that you are stuck next to a passenger who has been touching himself sexually while you were asleep? That is exactly what happened to American Airlines passenger Chloe King and she is furious with how the airline crew handled it.

King was asleep on a flight from New York City to Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, France. She said that when she awoke she was asked by a flight attendant to come to the back of the plane. Sitting in the window seat, she crawled past the man in the window seat and accompanied the flight attendant. King was informed that while she was sleeping, the woman in the aisle seat saw the man between them masturbating. The attendant told King “they just wanted to let me know.”

A portion of Chloe’s article directed at the airline.

The woman who saw the disturbing scene reported it immediately. The crew allowed the woman to switch seats. The part that bothers King the most, nobody ever informed her. They let her sleep next to the man without making her aware of what he had done. King writes, “What they didn’t do was wake me up and move me to a safe place.” They did inform King that the man was to be arrested when they landed. If they knew his action was criminal, why didn’t they protect her?

Even once she was awake, they refused to let her switch seats. “Instead, they made me climb back over the sex offender, trapped between him and the window for the rest of the flight. I was shaking and crying and trying not to get sick.”

When she got off the plane she says she was met with “blank stares” as she tried to report the crew and later on a “generic” email from the airline’s legal department.

Chloe King was horrified after the experience on the flight.

She is sharing her story in the genuine hope that it will stop people from flying with American. She believes they acted poorly and put her in a dangerous and very uncomfortable situation. To the company itself she writes;

“You chose to treat the man committing the crime with far more respect than the unconscious woman sitting beside him. As humans, we deserve more than that.”

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