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Angela Merkel Comes Begging, Suddenly Needs Trump Help

Will Merkel (pictured) and Trump be able to sway Russia?

Too many people in America have a bad habit of looking at the picture but seeing only the frame. For example, the media buzzes ceaselessly about Russia and Putin snooping in U.S. elections but pays almost no mind to the fact that Mr. Vladimir Putin just released a video showing how his new nuclear weapons could bomb Florida. Thankfully, President Donald Trump is not missing the forest for trees, nor is Obama-ally, German leader Angela Merkel.

The German chancellor and America’s president talked about “the situation in Syria and Russia’s newly announced weapons systems,” yesterday according to MSN News. The gravity of the situation is lost on neither leader as they both agreed “on the need for Syrian government forces and their Russian and Iranian allies to abide by a U.N. Security Council resolution for a cease-fire in Syria.” As things heat up right in Germany’s backyard, the E.U. leader who has previously hated him seems to be practically begging for Mr. Trump’s help.

Only in times such as these could a cease-fire be something that could lead to all-out war, but that remains the fear of many as this whole drama unfolds.

Both western leaders called on Russia to end “the bombardment of Damascus’ rebel-held suburbs,” Ghouta. In the past, it was certainly the Russians who were doing a better job at stamping out terrorism and ISIS/Daesh than Obama and the U.S. Many times, the last administration (and even that of former President George W. Bush) did not target areas where terror cells were known to be and this was quite the scandal at the time.

Today is different in that no one on either side of the aisle is likely to call President Trump soft on terror. Also, Russia seems to be doing much of this now to flaunt their support for Syrian ruler, Assad.

The only military action that the Commander in Chief took against another nation was when he attacked Syria shortly after taking office, a move that angered many in his base. Mr. Trump stands by the move and is demanding, along with Merkel, that Assad face justice for “the use of chemical weapons, attacks on civilians and the humanitarian blockade.” This could prove to be quite a hurdle since both Putin and Assad claim that the Syrian leader never engaged in such behavior.

Lastly, Russia has signed a myriad of agreements which prohibit it from developing the kinds of weapons that they are now showing off, thus fueling a new Cold War. While each nation is free to build such weapons, at least in theory, Russia willfully promised not to.

Merkel and President Trump voiced concern over the weapons “and their negative consequences for international arms control efforts.”

To be fair, the U.S. has broken a few promises regarding the placement of NATO weapons on Russia’s doorstep, but the way to remedy this is not to make videos of an American state being hit with WMD.

That, as Putin knows only too well, will only make things much grimmer.

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