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AntiFa Exposed As Camera Catches Their Disgusting Declaration Against The U.S. Constitution

ANTIFA is out boasting about denying free speech.

WARNING: This article contains truncated vulgar speech. 

The left in America used to stand for free speech. The First Amendment, as Larry Flynt proved, proclaims that one has the right to say whatever they please and, as long as they are hurting no one, no harm is to come to them. That means that global warming theorists, religious zealots, madmen, NAZIs, and other demented types are all protected under the U.S. Consitution, for it they can not speak, then who will one day make sure that the rest of us can not?

That is why a woman from ANTIFA who praises attacking NAZIs (who no sane person supports nor enjoys listening to) and “denying them their platform” is quite worrisome. The Young Conservatives even report that, to no one’s surprise, members of the group were exposed making disgusting declarations such as, “F*ck your f*cking Constitution.”

We fight f***ing Nazis. We punch them, we hurt them, we prevent them from having a platform,” proclaims an ANTIFA vigilante who calls virtually anyone not a raging socialist a supporter of Hitler’s ideals.

You failed us,” the portly woman continues in a video. “All of you who stood by when we were like, ‘Please, please follow us. The Nazis are that way!’ F**k your f***ing Constitution, f**k your liberal Bernie bullshit. We are here to fight Nazis.”

She is rather blind to the fact that, if NAZI’s – though detestable in every way – are not allowed to speak then one day, neither shall leftists and liberals. We know this from China, Cuba, the Soviet Union, Venezuela, Vietnam, and North Korea.

Even the NAZIs were socialists, after all (it is what the “Z” stands for in German, snowflakes).

She said, in true ladylike fashion, that if those even on the LEFT who were there are not ready to “throw down,” then they were “masturbating in the streets” just to feel good, but solving nothing. To her and ANTIFA members, violence solves things. She sounds more like George W. Bush at the moment.

The foul woman is even seen in a later clip trying to shout down a speaker and basically working to draw attention to herself. She wanted to show how “strong” and “ready” she was to look hard since her appearance implies that she has few friends or reasons to get up in the morning so she latched onto this “movement.”

Come to think of it, she is basically the one self-pleasuring in the streets with her attention seeking.

She can not even gather that the Constitution is precisely what gave her the right to say, “F*ck the Constitution.” It is hard to say if we should pity her or pray for her arrest the first time she touches ONE protester on either side.

Source: The Young Conservatives