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Appointed Officials Call For A ‘Compliant Citizenry’…Revealing Hidden Quest For Full Gov. Control

Political language. . . is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” –George Orwell

Political language has an insidious nature about it. Creeping into the framework of American Politics over recent decades, it’s now ever-suffocating grasp upon Democracy can be smelled from outside Washington.

What’s odd is a phenomenon observed by those who decide to place their stake in politics on the left side of the spectrum: it’s as if their inability to see internal government corruption, hard-wired by years of media laden in falsehoods and white lies, has morphed into a sort of self-inflicted brainwashing.

The Growth Of Widespread Ignorance Has Reached Epidemic Levels

Any attempt to show these people evidence results in being called either a ‘Nazi’ or ‘conspiracy theorist’. What’s funny is that, nestled deep in those psychology books they’ve never read at the overpriced college they feel entitled to, is the brilliant concept of social conditioning that proves they may not be so enlightened after all—that perhaps they are the ones with poor social conditioning and situational awareness.

Evidence such the infamous “compliant citizenry” email that was delivered on one of Hillary Clinton’s private email servers does a perfect job at illustrating such points. Julian Assange, a protector of truth in an America of special interests and lies, was timely enough to become the perfect antithesis to Clinton, Obama, and every other establishment figure looking to rob a ‘foolish citizenry’—in almost super hero fashion WikiLeaks revealed just enough in 2016 for Americans to avoid what would have surely been this country’s demise.

Donald Trump, as any man on this earth, has suffered his share of mistakes and poor decisions. What’s amazing though, is that these “poor decisions” only matter when it’s Trump or his ‘Nazi buddies’ saying it. Because I sure don’t see anyone taking to the streets to protest against Hillary’s “super predators” comment or Obama’s “typical white person” comment.

And so, in response to those Democrats and hard-line liberals who think Donald Trump’s mean words and harsh tone somehow overpower proven elites trying to take over the very fabric of our democracy, I raise a call to open your eyes. I haven’t crawled into my shell as you have, denying anything bad my candidate has ever done.

The Face Of A New America Must Now Be Undone…At All Costs

Donald Trump is now evening the score, and if you don’t like it, maybe you should move—yet I know you won’t. Behind your displayed wall of hate for this country is a true deep appreciation for what it means to set your feet upon this beautiful green earth. But, if you plan to be welcome in America’s future, the prosperous and safe future for all Americans, it’s time to start taking responsibility for your actions.

And if that means Trump has to crack already-crooked establishment skulls to make it happen, then nonsense be damned—that’s what we’ll do.



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