As MS-13 Gang Ravages U.S. Feds Offer Genius Method To Get Illegals To Catch THEMSELVES | Teddy Stick

As MS-13 Gang Ravages U.S. Feds Offer Genius Method To Get Illegals To Catch THEMSELVES

The feds are hunting MS-13 by any means necessary.

Everyone in law enforcement agrees something needs to be done about MS-13. The vicious gang has infiltrated America, avoided feds, and have their hands in everything from drugs to human smuggling. In response, our government has given ICE a genius incentive to convince illegals to help catch the criminals.

Critics of ICE’s crack down on sanctuary cities whine about illegals being afraid to cooperate with officials. However, the federal agents have the ability to help illegal immigrants to help them. When it comes to MS-13, ICE is selectively giving legal resident statuses for those that are able to assist in the fight.

Eddy Wang, Section Chief, Homeland Security Investigations, Contraband Smuggling and Gang Unit says that the arrangement really benefits everyone involved;

“We wouldn’t be able to close a good number of our cases without the cooperation of the immigrant community. Gang members prey on the immigrant community by co-opting their children, exploiting the vulnerable with drugs, and violence. They don’t want to be victims so they work with us.”

In fact, Wang states that the federal government does not just conduct sweeping raids as liberals want to portray. They try to reach out and speak with communities and help those who may be eligible.

“We have a very robust victim assistance and community outreach program that informs the illegal immigrant community what their options are for legal resident status if they cooperate with law enforcement.”

There are several options;

  • Asylum.
  • S visa for witnesses and informants.
  • T visa for victims of human trafficking.
  • U visa for victims of violence.

Wang says there is not as much exploitation as in some whistleblower programs. Law enforcement verifies any tips before a change in visa status is granted. You might think that liberals would like any chance that gives illegals a chance to stay here but naturally, they are not happy with anything the GOP does.

Source: Fox News