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Assassination? North Korean Dictator Reduces Public Appearances Over Growing Concerns

Kim Jong-un (pictured pouting) can not even travel except at dusk for fear that he will be killed.

When Adolph Hitler ruled Germany, it was many of the people closest to him who tried to blow him up. Actually, they did not just try, they succeeded, but the madman lived through it. The deaths that these men who tried the attempted to coup suffered following a staged court hearing for the act was purely miserable.

Kim Jong-un of North Korea has not only that to worry about (as he destroys his nation further for his greed), but the cruel overlord feels “extremely nervous” about the prospect that “the allies’ possible clandestine operation to eliminate him,” according to information obtained from South Korean intelligence.

Fearing an air attack, he is said to move about at dusk (much like a cockroach) and uses his “subordinate’s” vehicles to travel in, the Korean Herald reports.

Wonderful irony.

Kim Jong-un’s beloved Mercedes (pictured) can not even be enjoyed by the evil dictator any longer.

In a beautiful irony, Kim got his great wealth at by causing peril and starvation, but can not drive his prized Mercedes-Benz 600, NIS confirmed to Rep. Lee Cheol-woo of the main opposition Liberty Party of Korea. Instead, he scurries like a mole, terrified.

South Korea and the U.S. are already looking for ways to eliminate the leadership in capital Pyongyang “in the event of a contingency,” reports say.

Kim is so engrossed with collecting information about the ‘decapitation operation’ through his intelligence agency,” Lee said.

A drone from the Hermit Kingdom was seen looming over South Korea and it is known now to have taken 551 photographs, “including a Terminal Altitude Area Defense battery located in Seongju, North Gyeongsang Province.”

There are six South Koreans being held by the North, NIS tells us, and most of them either helped people escape from the monstrous regime or are being persecuted for having a religious faith. Four Korean-Americans are also held, now that President Trump secured the release of Otto Warmbier, as Teddy Stick reported yesterday.

While Kim had a reputation for being a self-indulgent “cult of personality” who was often in public trying to play the role of God (really), his public displays have gone down “by a significant amount,” NIS also discovered.

The number of Kim Jong-un’s public activities was 51, a 32 percent decrease from last year,” Lee was told by the agency. “Since 2013, we have seen a downward trajectory of Kim’s public activities. We believe that Kim feels very confident (about his leadership). The number shows he has succeeded in grasping power and secured his status in the regime.”

While this security came at the price of butchering even members of his own family, how long can it hold as oil prices soar higher due to sanctions and the NK leadership around him begin to fear for their lives, too?

The clock is winding down for the pudgy tyrant, and as he scurries in the night hiding from justice, he knows it, too.

Sources: The Korean HeraldTeddy Stick