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Baltimore Mayor Has Plan, Police State And Business Closures

Pugh took a walk and started to sound like a tyrant.

It is no secret that Baltimore, Maryland, is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States of America or that the liberal Mayor, Catherine E. Pugh has virtually no idea how to curb the growing threats. Except for, perhaps, Chicago, no major city is so deadly, as the Baltimore Sun has written today.

As the murders rise in number still, Pugh herself  “walked West Baltimore streets Tuesday morning” along with “a procession of police commanders and city agency representatives.” Her goal was to see how much success is being manifested from her “Violence Reduction Initiative.”

The initiative sends copious amounts of resources to fight crime in troubled areas.

The real trouble came when the mayor began to talk as if she was a tyrant ruling over a kingdom. This is clear in the fact that, as Pugh approached “a convenience store on Pennsylvania Avenue,” she asked the worker behind the bulletproof Plexiglas what time the store closed.

The cashier replied, ’11:30,” to which the mayor said, “Isn’t that late? That’s a little late. It keeps the crowds around here. Nine o’clock is nice. We need you-all to close at 9 o’clock at night.”

Does she see herself as the leader of China? What right does a government official to have to say how a store should be run? It is not the store’s fault that the mayor can not keep crime rates down enough that shoppers can use the store as they please when they please. The store is free, according to the Constitution, to run the business as the owner’s see fit, not as Ms. Pugh dictates.

Thankfully, once “her majesty” departed, the man said he had no plans to close the story early be even a second.

While crime has fallen slightly after the horrid first three months of 2018, violence was on the rise again in Baltimore as 29 people have been killed in the just the last three weeks!

Pugh blamed rival gangs on the West Side for the uptick in slayings but said, “We’re on top of it. We understand the intelligence. We know about the various gangs that are at war right now.

She also admitted, “Every situation is not always going to be rosy. We expect it to improve, we expect it to get better, but we’re prepared to deal with whatever the situations are.”

The embattled mayor also showed that crime rates were down from a year ago at this same time. She pointed to data which showed that “homicides are down almost 14 percent and non-fatal shootings are down 21 percent.”

Still, Laverne Brown, a criminal clerk at the circuit court, said that things are “at a peak right now. It’s a mess around here.”

A man named William Boston runs “Will B Better Bodies gym,” and he said that if police and others had not been with the mayor, what was seen in the area would have been vastly different. “You’d see whats going on. It’s an open-air drug market.”

He added, “They need to come and do this here every morning.”

Capt. John Webb of the Western police district updated the mayor on the progress being made. Vacant lots had been cleared and old homes were secured. However, boards are often ripped down by vandals and vagrants as soon as this is accomplished.

The cost of boarding and boarding and boarding and boarding is something we really need to look at,” said Pugh to a housing official. Some have suggested that offering money to the homeowners and landlords so that they could be rented would help, but so far, those conversations have not taken place.

Many residents of Baltimore are losing faith in Pugh, but not Annie Hall, the president of the Penn-North Community Association. She said the democrat mayor “knows the plight that we’ve gone through. Hopefully — she gave me a her word — she’s going to bring about some change.”

Sadly, the only changes coming will affect the freedoms of those not breaking the law as heavy-handed liberalism seems to be about to wash over the city like a shroud.

These stores on Pennsylvania Avenue and North Avenue need inspections,” Pugh demanded, likely looking to stiflle private enterprise. “Health Department, I’m going to expect you to get in there and inspect those places because some of those places need to be shut down. How many mini markets do we need in one area? How many carry-outs do we need in one area?

These questions should terrify every citizen who hears them! First of all, many stores tend to open where people do not own cars. These stores make a living by supplying needs to people who often times work late hours or who need 24 access to a store, ATM, etc.

Secondly, it is not the right of the mayor to step on the toes of capitalism, even if she dislikes every store that she sees and ten more open up.

Carol Maeng owns one of the establishments in question and feels that city could do a better job at keeping people safe so that they can even shop or walk there. “People are scared to come into the store. We are scared, too

Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa and others did get a taste of the local lifestyle as a man frisked in a doorway took off running and was tackled by police He had a stolen handgun in his backpack.

Still, is Baltimore going to destroy the entire Bill of Rights in order to bring about what they call peace? Hasn’t the diminishing of private gun rights and the blemishing of the Second Amendment already hurt the city and made criminals more likely to attack at will?

Certainly, that is the case. However, Mayor Pugh won’t address that. Instead, she seems ready to make sure that stores close and those communities are peaceful only as they lose what few conveniences that they still have.