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Bill Kristol Seeks G.O.P. Candidate To Dampen Trump 2020

Some experts argue that Kristol (pictured) could splinter the G.O.P. enough that a far left-winger gets elected.

Aggregate site Prison Planet shared a story from the Washington Examiner today that is very telling in terms of where the establishment G.O.P. stands. It seems that #NeverTrump guru Bill Kristol is seeking a Republican Party candidate to run against President Donald Trump in 2020.

The man who many perceive as a R.I.N.O. (or a 1 percenter) told CBS News that “that his nonprofit Defending Democracy Together is seeking a Republican to challenge Trump in 2020.” These people do not even act like Republicans, according to some people in D.C.

Kristol said, “People aren’t going to say they will run against Trump unless they have the infrastructure, but I’ve been trying to persuade people that it may not be that difficult.” This he claimed even though, just two years into Mr. Trump’s leadership, even the very questionable CNN has had to admit that the White House deserved some credit for today’s thriving economy.

That alone would have been unheard of only months ago.

Still, this supposed conservative has activists “polling voters” and meeting with “focus groups” in swing states. Keep in mind, if Kristol splinters the G.O.P. in 2020, some pundits believe that a candidate like Biden, Sanders, or even Mrs. Clinton could inch in.

As if blind to this possibility,  Kristol ignores these warnings continues to oppose the America First policies of Donald Trump.

Kristol is even waiving the carrot and stick in front of Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE), Sen. Jeff Flake(R-AZ) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, three people who have been quite hard on the president and who claim to be Republicans, as well. As Teddy Stick has outlined in the past, Flake, among other things, is seen by many experts as terribly soft on migration, if that can give an indication on the softball direction that Kristol seems to be endorsing.

All three of those Republicans have “shown interest” but have given the standard answer of “being busy serving constituents,” etc, etc. In other words, most of them did not rule out stabbing Mr. Trump in the back, even as his ideas and proposals seem, to a lot of people, to be working splendidly.

Sasse may have come to the closest to ruling out a run in 2020 by saying via his spokesman, James Wegmann, “Look, I’m not going to comment on what other people try to talk about with the Senator, but — like we’ve said for a long time — Ben isn’t paying any attention to the 2020 Washington rumors. Bill is a nice guy but he’s freelancing his own show here. We’re not involved.

The other two suspected candidates would not give a statement on the matter when contacted by the media about Kristol’s Judas attempts.

Also being eyed to run against Trump, perhaps, is Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker.

What may be most shocking is the fact the Washington Examiner is owned by the blanket company that is owned by Kristol himself! While he certainly seems to be fair when it comes to the press about him, this is also a sign that even those close to the man are not supporting all of his ideas.

Then again, what better way to get them talked about, some would argue.

The worst part about this, at least according to those who see the progress that President Donald Trump is making, is that there is a pretty good chance that he can win a second term. Instead of celebrating this and making it more of a possibility, some of those (who appear to pundits to be deeply entrenched in the standard fare of the past) are willing to sacrifice that chance, even it means that far leftist may take Mr. Trump’s spot.

If that is the kind of conservatism that Kristol supports, some voters may be persuaded to desire something a little more current and relevant.

Moments like this, are why we elected President Trump

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