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Bomb Maker And Associates Killed In U.S. Drone Strike

A terrorist and a few of his friends got a surprise from the United States.

There are some people who think that President Donald Trump could accomplish virtually any great feat imaginable, yet the mainstream media would never acknowledge it. The Political Insider has just published an article that may give some weight to such views since under Donald Trump, the U.S. has taken out a man who was called the most dangerous terrorist in the world (after Osama Bin Laden) in a drone strike, but most of the media is silent.

Ibrahim al-Asiri, 38, is a terrorist from Saudi Arabia “and a top al-Qaeda bomb-maker” who even made the underwear bomb that was supposed to be used to bring down a flight from Detroit to Amsterdam on Christmas, 2009. In the past, this fanatic was able to slither away from justice, even though he had a $5 million dollar bounty on his head, Fox News has confirmed. This time, Uncle Sam has a surprise waiting for him, gift wrapped as it were from the president himself.

In news that likely would have gotten much praise if a Democrat had overseen it on his or her watch, the U.S under President Donald Trump has at last killed Al-Asiri and “other associates” of the foul man, when they were standing near a car and drone struck them.

This has been confirmed by “a tribal leader and a source linked” to an affiliate of Al Quaeda in Yemen, the Associated Press has written.

The infamous terror group did not set up an online memorial for the fallen terrorist as they normally do. Instead, they are focussing on the mole who likely gave his location to the United States of America.

As for how important this is, al-Asiri was getting better and better at bomb-making and he was developing ways to weaponize “laptops, cell phones, and ink cartridges.” The amount of sorrow that he could have produced if he had been successful is almost impossible to gauge.

Worry over al-Asiri’s creations is one of the reasons that the TSA restricted electronic devices for a certain period of time, according to the Daily Caller.

A good chunk of what you have to take out of your bag and what has to be screened is because of Asiri and his capabilities of putting explosives in very difficult to find places,” admitted former CIA deputy director Michael Morell when he spoke to CBS News.

So, everyone who has ever stood (and stood, and stood, and stood…) in line at the airport can know that one of the main men to have caused the inconvenience is no longer among the living.

That seems like a lot of sources that all seem to point to an epic win for not only the White House, but America and the world as a whole.

Where are CNN and all of the major networks today? Where are the headlines in bold letters and world leaders thanking the United States for getting the job done?

Oh, that’s right, they are badgering White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders about the investment practices of the president’s supporters. They just can’t be bothered with this, after all.