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Boy Classified “Devil” By Town As His Mysterious Condition Gets Out Of Hand

Tarik (pictured) spends much of his time alone due to foolish superstition.

When a person grows up different, be they a little chubby or maybe not particularly attractive, daily life can often a be a total hell. The pain from the endless humiliation, abuse, and degradation can be something that forever ruins a person, and unfortunately, that is what is happening to Tarik, 12, from Uttar Pradesh, India.

A rare medical condition has caused the boy’s hands to grow to twelve inches, and rather than understand that this is likely Elephant Foot disease, the superstitious locals have callously called the boy a “devil,” the Daily Mail reports. Classifying him as some kind of monster without helping him medically with his condition has gotten out of hand.

They even fill the poor lad’s head with utter nonsense, such as saying that he is “cursed.” Already at 12 the boy is not playing with other children but is stuck toiling at a tea stall. He has also been denied admission to school because his condition may scare other kids attending.

So, instead of teaching children about such matters, India hides behind their version of voodoo. No wonder they have so much trouble with the equally backward radicals in Pakistan. Both sides live in the Dark Ages!

The boy’s father died and no one is willing to help the child see a doctor, even though at his tender age he is actually working and should be entitled to it.

Living with Elephant Disease (or something close to it) makes every job much harder.

So far, the hateful population that he is stuck living around have not broken Tarik’s spirit. He is quoted as saying, “I want to get rid of this condition. I want to become like other kids who go to school every day and play like normal kids. I see a hope that I will get normal hands.

He laments, “I had few friends in the beginning but now I don’t have any. People are scared of my hands. I wanted to study but school refused my admission.”

The boy speaks of his outcast status and says, “People think having this condition is a result of some curse. They don’t know it’s a medical condition and it can be cured. It’s just we don’t have money for the treatment, [but that] doesn’t mean it can’t be cured.”

Even the school system has abused this deformed Indian boy of 12.

This all could be easily prevented by India leaving behind the class system that holds people down and bounding into the 21st century.

If not, are they really that different than the cruel people who they battle on their border?

Source: The Daily Mail