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Obama Makes Additions To Executive Order 12333, FBI And CIA No Longer Require Warrants

The Repression Of Individual Rights, Is Nothing Less Than Treasonous Oppression

With mere days until the Trump Administration takes the Oval Office, Obama has now announced possibly the worst infringement upon individual rights that we’ve seen in over 8 years (and that’s tough to do given Obama’s perpetuation of the insidious Patriot Act).

Thursday, Obama’s team announced that a new “rule” will allow the NSA to confiscate and share any bit of data they can get their hands on. The kicker? They don’t need a warrant, a court order, or even congressional authorization.

This means the NSA would have the full authorization to share highly-personal information with 16 governmental agencies, including the FBI, DEA, and Department of Homeland Security.

Why is this a big deal? We all witnessed Loretta Lynch and James Comey perpetuate the worst abuse of the legal system in modern history when Hillary Clinton was allowed to slither from the grasps of American justice. With Obama’s new NSA deal, that means people like Lynch and Comey would, in the future, have access to any piece of information they wanted.

This change in regulations has been planned for some time now, but the Obama administration waited until now to unveil the novel injustice. Keep in mind that this is simply an extension of Executive Order 12333 that Obama has used to perform data collection (the basis of the NSA’s mass surveillance program—the same one that Snowden gave his life to expose in 2014).

The new, enlarged NSA database contains literally every piece of American data transmitted, whether that be domestic or abroad. Neema Gulianai, a legislative analyst with the ACLU, said in an official statement that Obama’s NSA policy decision raises “serious concerns that agencies that have responsibilities such as prosecuting domestic crimes, regulating our financial policy, and enforcing our immigration laws will now have access to a wealth of personal information that could be misused.”

It’s important to understand that any sacrifice of individual sovereignty in the name of “societal protection” is nothing more than an idealistic train wreck waiting to happen. Above all else, government was created with the basis that man’s individual rights must be protected at any and every cost.

Clearly, what Obama’s administration has allowed to occur, is treason to our country’s founding ideals of liberty and individual freedom. Furthermore, establishment politicians who fail to fight government when it grows too large are nothing but accomplices to the crime.

As Trump enters the White House, we must hope, and demand that governmental programs are only allowed to exist so long as they further strengthen the qualities that serve to make each man, woman, and child in America free and prosperous.

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