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California Governor Jerry Brown To Sign New Immigration Bill, Thwarting ICE Even More

The corrupt Jerry Brown.Jerry Brown is a bad idea factory, this time defying Trump and federal law.

Jerry Brown, Governor of California off and on since the 1970s, is one of the most failed and mocked political figures to ever exist. One has to look to Anthony Wiener to find anyone more laughable, and yet the dolts in California keep electing this one, no matter how much he bankrupts them.

Their new budget does wisely curb the “War on Pot” and allows it to be used by those (21 and over) who wish to partake, an action that will save them billions and earn them even MORE. However, any profit seen from this will be utterly negated by the foolish actions that Brown is taking against ICE, Hot Air reports.

The state plans to forbid any expenditures slated for new beds for immigration detention or any new contracts for work on immigration detention centers,” the Associated Press has uncovered.

In California’s $125 billion dollar budget is tucked away plans to “limit new beds for immigration detention” in what is nothing other than an attempt to defy both President Trump and federal law at the same time.

The Attorney General of the state is to check on the conditions of the centers, we are told, and the wording of Brown’s failed plan “prevents local governments from signing or expanding contracts with federal authorities for immigration detention facilities,” the AP writes

Federal law, long before Donald Trump was born, has prohibited the illegal activities that are now allowed to be done in the open, such as “sanctuary cities.”


Jerry Brown (pictured left) has been failing California since the 1970’s.

A haven for illegal aliens is like saying that some city can have “santuary” status for kidnappers, murderers, or rapists.

If it is against federal law for it to happen, calling it a “sanctuary” as if one was the Hunchback of Notre Dame is not going to change the fact that it is 100% illegal!

Maybe Brown is hoping that his more libertarian approach to marijuana is going to make everyone too stoned to notice that they are being bankrupted by illegals, but sadly for him, it is impossible for ANYONE to get that high.

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