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California Power Grid Aches As The Heat Beats Down

Power plants like the one pictured in California are struggling to do their jobs. Why has liberal governments not been able to make the grid more stable if their policies work?

Geologically speaking, California has not been a pleasant place to live in when it comes to temperature for most people. During most of its existence after the last ice age, it has been sweltering, as a matter of fact. During a time that it wasn’t, the U.S. built mega-cities in the area and now are paying for it as the California power grid grinds under the strain of heavy use, as Yahoo News has confirmed. The state is slowly reverting back to what it has always been…stifling hot.

Berkley News has published data showing that these problems existed 1,000 years ago in what is now California, long before man was burning fossil fuels or driving an S.U.V. The “left coast” is being told to conserve electricity as the ghost of “Gray Out Davis” seems to loom. This may not be the case if some of the capital given to illegal aliens was used to build new power stations.

Tuesday and Wednesday, Californians are expected to be all but cooking in the heat. The California Independent System Operator (ISO) put out a “Flex Alert” due to the temperatures being seen on the western part of the nation.

They have also “reduced electricity imports into the state,” tightened natural gas supplies in Southern California,” and are fretting a “high wildfire risk.

Southern California Gas Co (SoCalGas) has also issued a similar warning, just when people need them the most, too.

In reality, it is only 90 degrees and the normal temperature for this time of year is 84, anyhow. Still, the sick, elderly, and others need reliable, ceaseless access to energy. This is hard to achieve in a liberal state that works counter to progress based on the myth of global warming.

Some good news can be found in the fact that it need not be the precious A/C that is shut off, just set uncomfortably high. Simply turning off the lights can help a lot, which means that people get to choose between roasting and living like a mole.

The groups also suggest not “using major appliances before 5 p.m. and after 9 p.m., and setting air conditioners to 78 degrees or higher.” That means that the liberal way leaves one starving for dinner until almost nightfall and sweating like Ollie North when they do finally get to eat.

This doesn’t sound crazy to the average Californian, but President Donald Trump’s energy plan does? How can this be?

This is seen in one quote from the article that Yahoo posted from Reuters. It says, “State and federal agencies have projected SoCalGas will only be able to deliver about 3.6 bcfd from non-Aliso storage fields due to the Aliso limitations and pipeline outages...” and then goes on to blame damage in winter.

How many limitations are there in this? Also, what taxes are being paid for such subpar service in a time of need? While all of this is calculated, how many global warming cultists are getting furthered in life by making everyone’s life all but boiling for no reason?

These questions need to be asked, even in a liberal haven like California. As the sun beats down like a fist, maybe this year they will see that they are being scammed.

…just maybe.