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Canada Accepts Refugees With Open Arms, One Year Later See How They Say Thank You

They come in peace?Rocks flew and tempers flared in Canada.

Roughly a year ago, Canada opened their borders, colored “REFUGEES WELCOME” signs, and pretty much rolled out the red carpet for those in need. After all, they were fleeing ISIS and Daesh terror, so why not help?

In Hampton, Ontario, bikes and patio furniture were collected for the incoming refugees, and great kindness was shown towards them. The Rebel Media group is reporting that the Islamic refugees have thanked the Canadians by hurling rocks and bricks at them.

It seems that the vegetable garden that the kind citizens helped the Syrians make to grow food was no enough to curb their hatred, after all. Instead, they gripe about “boundary issues,” they violate private property, Syrian children are being unleashed with no oversight to terrorize Canada’s children, and it is reported that even adults fear for their lives.

A woman referred to only as “Annie” walked out from her home after hearing a loud disturbance. What she found was a refugee family throwing rocks and bricks at another Canadian family.

This happened even though children were said to be “in the crossfire.”

The sad fact at hand is that ISIS (and other groups driven by terror for Allah’s sake) had promised to mingle in with those who they terrorized behind their black masks and that is what they have done.

However, those who are not terrorists still come from a culture that is as alien to life in the West as if they came from another planet. This Syrian family is a good example of how the two cultures simply do not gel very well.

This welcoming committee for a divisive culture.

After being welcomed to Canada (pictured), some refugees are not very grateful.

This is one reason why President Trump has long advocated for a safe zone in Syria instead of a welcome mat in the West.

When so many people are in need, in part due to the policies of George W. Bush and Obama, it is impossible to ensure everyone’s safety when the borders open up.

If this is not soon understood by the free world, then in no time at all, there will not be a free world to worry about protecting any longer.

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