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Chemical Weapons Body To Publish ‘Sarin’ Results

Assad (pictured) has a lot of fingers pointing at him.

While there is some ambiguity about who was responsible for the chemical weapons attack in Syria, AOL News has written that there is no longer any questioning as to what was used.

It was sarin and chlorine, a banned chemical agent, that was unleashed on the masses, according to reports from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW). These agents are horrifically toxic and would explain the chaos that erupted as ghastly symptoms began to show.

The OPCW is also investigating the “attack on April 7 this year in the Douma enclave near Damascus” which resulted in air strikes from the United Kingdom, America, and France. The results of the probe are expected later this month.

The group has also said with certainty “that chlorine was very likely used as a chemical weapon at Ltamenah Hospital and the surrounding area on 25 March 2017.”

The grim findings were based on “witness testimony, epidemiological analysis, and environmental samples,” so it was not just those who saw the horror unfold who were relied upon.

The rebel forces used sarin mustard gas once in the past, but the Syrian government is being accused of this sarin chlorine attack, an allegation that is vehemently denied by Assad. It should be noted that the OPCW did not assign any blame for the attack to any party, they only confirmed what was used in it.

It does not look good for Assad that the chemical agent is not mustard sarin, which the rebels are known to have. However, the embattled Syrian leader is not the only one with access to such weapons and there is a good likelihood that more than one kind of these banned WMD’s has fallen into rebel hands, too. They are, after all, terrorists, in many instances.

Furthermore, there is little motive for this attack to have been the work of Assad since it would harm his nation’s cozy relationship with Russia and bring an unneeded push for his removal at a time that he needs it the least.

Questions remain in this attack, quite a few of them actually, but at least now what was used has been confirmed. For those with family and loved ones who perished in the attack, at least that much is known.

It is only too bad the news had to be so nightmarish.