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China Now Enforcing Zero-Tolerance Policy For Muslims, All Islamic Phones Bugged

While China needs to fight terror with great force, does anyone think that this shall not be abused by such an evil leadership?

Though it has now happened and the U.S. government does not like to talk about it, when the Twin Towers first fell into rubble, radical Islam was bragging that they could topple America by making our Bill of Rights null and void. When things like the Patriot Act and the spying spoken of by Edward Snowden happened (for just two of countless examples), we saw how true it was.

Things are even worse, however, in China. They don’t have anything even hinting at a Fourth Amendment right, and what little privacy they do have is now diminishing, Fossbytes reports. Those of the Muslim faith there now are mandated to put spyware on their cell phones.

The service WeChat is saying that “the app to avert detention up to 10 days.” Like all governments, one has to wonder how long before (if not already) it is before this is on everyone’s phone in China.

This is happening in the Xinjiang region, the same place where Teddy Stick has reported to be the site of beard bannings and other precautions that Islam, to a huge degree, has brought upon themselves.

There is no ignoring this new Chinese mandate and hoping that it goes away, either. Not a chance.

Authorities are conducting “spot checks” to ensure that that app is really active on people’s phones.

There are two ways to view this new Chinese idea, and neither one of them makes anyone feel very good. On one hand, with the misery that radical Islam has brought to the world, who can blame them? China must stop this somehow.

Mandatory bugging.

In China, Muslims have their phones bugged, and there is NO secret about it.

On the other hand, only the most foolish among us would praise Chinafor putting something like this on cell phones because it is very unlikely that they will stop at this point alone.

When the people allow (though in China, they have little choice) such measures to stomp out one evil, it is never too long before a different devil is born.

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