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Clinton Investigator Shaking, Scared For Her Life As She Uncovers Clinton Murder Details

Elizabeth Beck is understandably afraid for her life and that of her husband.

While the liberal media point their fingers at President Trump and the Russian collusion story, the true scandal is happening from within the Clinton family. As Teddy Stick has reported, beginning with DNC staffer Seth Rich, the death toll of people related to the Clinton campaign keeps rising. This is leaving others terrified of what might happen to them.

Elizabeth Lee Beck is a lawyer whose husband, Jared Beck, is representing the plaintiffs in just one of the ongoing cases against the DNC. The lawsuit, filed on behalf of citizens in 45 states, is accusing the DNC of fraud. The husband and wife lawyers are fearful of repercussions for being on the wrong side of the deadly Democrats.

Mrs. Beck did an interview with InfoWars and the woman is visibly scared from the beginning. She quickly brings up Beranton Whisenant, another lawyer involved in a separate lawsuit against the DNC. Whisenant was found dead on a beach in early June. Investigators are struggling to discover what happened to him and Beck says that many contacted her after his death expressing concern for her and her husband’s safety,

Beck then proceeds to lay out a tale that is extremely disturbing. The whole scenario seems to begin much farther back than anyone realizes. Beck begins her timeline in 2009 and the story quickly sounds like a drama movie.

She is able to connect the Clinton Foundation to the Mayo Clinic, a judge from the Mayo Clinic name Harvey Schlesinger, and the father-in-law of Jay Plotkin, a lawyer who worked with Whisenant. Shortly after Whisenant was found dead, Schlesinger dismissed a case against Mayo Clinic. According to Beck, Mayo Clinic was among the hospitals that “co-sponsored a launch event in connection with the Clinton ‘Health Matters’ Initiative.”

As Beck explains further, the interviewer Owen Shroyer clearly realizes the lines that are being drawn between the Clinton family and far too many coincidences. Then the terrified lawyer begins adding other massive political names. Tom Brokaw, Barbara Bush, Dick Cheney are all in Beck’s timeline.

She mentions Peter Smith, who recently supposedly took his own life. He was investigating Clinton emails and Klaus Eberwein, a Haitian lawyer who was also found dead of apparent suicide, was about to testify against the Clinton Foundation. Both deaths are suspicious and quite timely and now, linked to many others.

Schroyer is blown away by what Beck has told him and the story continues to be quite complicated. Beck’s obvious fear and distress grows as the interviewer begins to make his own speculations. “I don’t know what’s going on,” she keeps repeating, tears streaming down her face.

The full interview is definitely worth watching. Dismissing all these connections would be easy however, that is how people keep dying. This terrified woman and her husband are simply trying to keep from being the DNC and Clinton’s next victims.

Source: InfoWars