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CNN Anchor Goes After Jared Kushner, Spews Vile Comments

While CNN implies otherwise, most world leaders are quite happy with Kushner (pictured left).

When the “Occupy” movement showed everyone the greed and corruption of the 1%, it was something that really spoke to a lot of struggling people. While it may sound a bit leftist to say, there was a lot of truth in what a few of those protesters had to say when it came to Wall Street. However, as with most liberal movements, the backlash went too far and soon everyone who had ever done well for themselves was attacked as rich and uncaring. This we can see when it comes to President Donald Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner.

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin opined that the only reason that Kushner is an advisor to the president is that he is part of the “lucky sperm club,according to the Washington Examiner. This makes very little sense since, if the White House trusts his knowledge and advice, why should Kushner not be used? Many leaders have chosen people who were close to them long before they took office, so his status as a son-in-law should not be a factor.

Isn’t the problem nepotism? That’s really what this is all about,” said Toobin as he spoke from a platform at CNN that many are seeing as biased and “fake.”

The leftist host also said, “Jared Kushner is not qualified for the job he’s doing. His only qualification is that he’s the president’s son-in-law. He’s a modestly successful real-estate developer of his father’s company, a lucky sperm club.

While this may be his opinion, it is hardly backed up by facts. In reality, Kushner has done a wonderful job and this is seen by the current state of recovery that the U.S.A. is in. Also, his past in real estate has likely made him very astute at matters of diplomacy and sound advice, a truth that CNN clearly fails to see.

Much of this debate stems from the fact that the New York Times ran a story claiming that Kushner and “Chief of Staff John Kelly over potentially losing his access to highly classified information after the White House decided to cut off access for staff with interim security clearances.” The fact that the fake news haven sides with Kelly over Kushner without having all of the facts shows their bias.

Otherwise, they could have just as easily called Kelly unqualified.

This is why presidents shouldn’t appoint close relatives to be their top advisers. Because they can’t be treated like everybody else,” added Toobin, seemingly blind to his erroneous thinking. “He shouldn’t have this job in the first place, and who knows if he should have a security clearance. It’s absurd that it hasn’t been resolved one way or another.”

Again, why did he not say the same about Kelly? Could it be that the mainstream media (and CNN in particular) is trying to demonize anyone in the Trump family?

That seems to be the case, and really, it will shock very few supporters of the president. Everyone has seen this bias before and, sadly, it will be seen again, without a doubt.

This is because the media understands that Americans are waking up to the liberal lie and the MSM (who is liberal) are doing everything in their power to stop Trump from getting the support of any more people who are awake.

Sadly for them, they are failing, and each stab only makes a few people take notice and join the Trump train.

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