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CNN Files Lawsuit, Demanding Access To Comey Memos With No “Redactions”

The disgraced James Comey.CNN wants Comey's (pictured) memos and they are ready to sue over it.

There is likely not a single person alive who follows the news even to the slightest degree who does not know that the memo’s that fired F.B.I. Director James Comey wrote were done only to spur an independent investigation into America’s rightfully chosen leader.

The Russian scandal was hatched by the DNC, something that likely lead to the murder of Seth Rich, data seems to show.

More attacks come Trump's way.

The attacks against Trump, even while innocent, won’t stop.

However, fake news haven CNN is suing in federal court in order to obtain those scripted memos. They have filed a lawsuit that aims “to force the FBI to turn over former [sic]director James Comey’s memos documenting his conversations with President Donald Trump.”

While one of the more untrustworthy news centers ever, CNN does have a point here.

Comey has said that there exists nothing classified within the memos and the Justice Department has ordered the F.B.I. to “expedite” the process, we are told, yet nothing has happened.

How hard can it be to produces a few pieces of paper? This is being hidden, likely, because it helps Trump’s case, just as almost everything that has come to light has.

CNN is suing on the grounds that this fact makes the stalling a violation of the Freedom of Information Act. They are asking for documents to be delivered “unredacted, and without further delay,” though the F.B.I. has refused comment.

The farce is that Comey was asked by Trump to stop looking into Flynn’s dealing with Russia, but we have already heard that such was not the case. The President saying that he hopes it ends soon (the probe) is in NO WAY the same thing as a threat NOR was it illegal or inappropriate to say.

Was he supposed to say that he hoped for the fraudulent smear against him (which is what it is) goes on forever?

Most of those who support Donald Trump would actually like to see the dishonest news organization get the documents. Once they are proven to be as fake as Comey, perhaps we can move on to real matters of importance.

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