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CNN Reporter, Former Sanders Campaign Manager Detained By Police

Why did CNN's Sanders (pictured) act so crassly in front of children?

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a politician that many adored. Even though he does not polarize people like most of the left does, scandals about him and/or his wife’s dealings with land pertaining to a college scam and other issues have dampened the view that some voters have of the socialist. Sadly for him, the news today from Fox is not going to help him any.

Symone Sanders (no relation) is a CNN political commentator and the “former press secretary for Sen. Bernie Sanders.” Police are said to have detained Ms. Sanders on Thursday morning over an “outburst” at LaGuardia Airport in New York.

The 28-year-old was standing in line when TSA requested that she “step out of line,” according to PIX 11. The CNN elitist then began to cuss and swear “in front of patrons and young children.” It seems that quite a scene was made, much to the dismay of onlookers.

For her rantings, she has been “accused of disorderly conduct and given a summons” to appear in court.

This is not her only time acting foolishly in an airport, however. American Airlines felt the need to call the police on Ms. Sanders only last year when she was “trying to check her luggage minutes before a flight from Los Angeles,” Essense has reported.

Sanders wrote on Twitter that she did not wish to pay full price for another ticket “despite being a frequent flier of the airline.

For this, authorities were called.

While that may have been a bit of an over-reaction, there may have been other details that were not discussed in the press.

In that case, the matter was resolved and she made her flight, though Sanders said she “didn’t understand why” cops were called.

While that may have been the case last year, as those with small children nearby who heard the vulgarities can attest to, the reason this time is hardly a question in anyone’s mind.