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CNN Screws Up AS Major “Bombshell” FALSE, WikiLeaks & Don Jr. Involved

CNN tried to slam Donald Trump Jr. but missed badly.

The fake news network strikes again. CNN published a story today was severely lacking context and accurate details. As they have done in the past, it appears that the outlet was so eager to strike against President Trump, they disregarded the need for fact-checking and accuracy.

This story actually involved Donald Trump Jr. and a batch of stolen Wikileaks documents.

One of the major errors in the story was the date that CNN reported Trump Jr. sent the email. CNN claimed that a person by the name of Mike Erickson emailed the president’s son and other people on the campaign on September 4. The email contained a link to the Wikileaks documents and a decryption key so the recipients could access them.

CNN tried to slam Donald Trump Jr. but missed badly.

In addition, the email said there were additional emails that the campaign members could have. Those emails were allegedly stolen from former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

However, The Daily Caller has a copy of the email and that shows the email was sent from Erickson on September 14.

Now a date that is off by 10 days may not seem significant until other details are known. The documents that were stolen from Wikileaks were not released until September 13.

Erickson’s message to Trump Jr. stated;

“Wikileaks has uploaded another (huge 678 mb) archive of files from the DNC. It is too big for me to send you by email attachments, but you can download it yourselves.”

Powell’s emails were also published on the 13th. DC Leaks, a group with a history of being connected to the Russian government, were responsible for publishing those emails. DC Leaks provided several news outlets, including The Daily Caller, with access.

Alan Futerfas is a lawyer for Donald Trump Jr. and he claims the man received “tons of unsolicited emails” during the campaign. He also stated;

“The email was never read or responded to — and the House Intelligence Committee knows this.This email arrived after published media reports disclosed 12 hours earlier that hacked documents had been posted. The suggestion that this information was not public is false.”

This is a different date than CNN claims.

The attorney pointed the finger at the House Intelligence Committee for leaking the story;

“It is profoundly disappointing that members of the House Intelligence Committee would deliberately leak a document, with the misleading suggestion that the information was not public when they know that there is not a scintilla of evidence that Mr. Trump Jr. read or responded to the email.”

Apply common sense and facts to CNN’s big bombshell and it quickly falls flat.

Source: The Daily Caller