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Concealed Carry Holders Follow The Law More Than POLICE, Stunning Report Finds

To obtain a carry coneal permit, classes are taken to ensure citizens know the laws.

We would expect that police would uphold the law, that is their job after all. There are some bad cops, although a lot less than the left would like you to believe. It turns out, however, that there is a population that obeys the law even more than the police; citizens with the legal right to carry a gun.

A study in Police Quarterly showed that over a 2 year period there was an average of 703 crimes by police per year and 113 of those involved a gun. It is likely that number is low due to underreporting of police crimes.

There were approximately 570,000 full-time police in the U.S. when the study was done. That means, on average, 124 crimes by police per 100,000 officers. Even that number seems low considering all the crying we hear from the left about cruel, rogue officers.

So what about citizens who have been granted the right to own and carry firearms? During a study that spanned 28 years, Florida revoked 9,366 concealed permits for misdemeanors or felonies. This equals out to approximately 12.5 per 100,000 permit holders. This is one-tenth of the rate at which police commit crimes.  Stretch the study out longer and the results become even more surprising.

Long-term studies show that legal gun owners are more law-abiding than police.

Florida is one of most populated states with right-to-carry laws. Between 1987 and May 2017, 1.8 million permits were given. During that time, only 167 permits were revoked due to a “firearms-related violation.” This is about 0.01% of permit holders. And the proof doesn’t end in one state.

In Texas in 2012, the last year of data available, 120 permit holders lost their permits due to felonies or misdemeanors, 20.5 per 100,000. That is about one-sixth the rate for police. Many of the “gun-related charges” were rather benign. Permit holders would enter certain places while carrying, forgetting that they had to remove their guns. This includes places like schools or airports. In the same vein, we have been finding many instances, especially lately, where a legal gun owner has saved many lives.

These are numbers that liberals and 2nd Amendment opponents don’t want to be publicized. They need to convince people that all guns should be banned because all they do is kill people. Studies like these prove just how wrong they are.

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