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Conservative Boycott Begins As Reebok Releases Insulting New Ad

Will insulting President Trump payoff for Reebok?

On Friday Reebok made a questionable decision to go after President Trump in a tweet. However, their campaign doesn’t only make fun of the president, it also makes it seem inappropriate to compliment a woman. Some are saying this could amount to suicide for the company.

The mainstream media went crazy last week when the visiting president was overheard complimenting the French first lady Brigitte Macron. The world was told yet again how much of a misogynist that President Trump is after he told Mrs. Macron that she was in beautiful and in great shape. The nerve of him!

Reebok joined in the fray, releasing this tweet;

It is unfortunately not unusual these days for companies to subtly, or not, insult the president. This time Reebok made the leap from calling Trump’s comments unsuitable to implying that giving a woman a compliment is almost always uncalled for. Did anyone there think about this first?

President Trump says what he is thinking. Is that always the best idea? Probably not, but it appears to work for him most times. That is exactly what happened here so he liberal response is puzzling but not shocking. It is baffling to try and understand why they decided to make the bold statement that women should just be left alone.

It is a risk for Reebok to criticize the president and has not worked well for other companies.

It is a fine line, there is no doubt about that. No woman wants to be made uncomfortable by a stranger gushing compliments upon her. However, it is unlikely that most women would complain about a random, “You are beautiful” or “You are in really great shape.” In fact, many would probably greatly appreciate it. Not according to Reebok though.

Liberal hysteria and their ability to overreact to simple actions is unprecedented. Perhaps they should have considered before insulting a man that almost half the country expressed support for less than a year ago. If they believe that their conservative consumers are going to appreciate that, they might want to consult with Starbucks.

Source: The Gateway Pundit