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Cop Does His Job And Promptly Loses It

This cop was terminated from his position for doing his job, he claimed.

In Ohio, a police officer can end up losing his job for carrying out his expected duties, at least that is the takeaway from a recent New York Post story. New Holland Police Sgt. Charles “Brad” Mick “filed felony charges against the mayor and police chief” and was then promptly terminated, continuing a disturbing cycle.

From there, he “walked into a village council meeting and announced he had just been fired” after “he handed Mayor Clair Betzko and interim Police Chief David Conrad court summons accusing them of a forgery scheme.” If this is the kind of treatment honest cops get, it is clear to see why some are not.

Folks, just to let you know, when you do the right thing around here you get terminated for it,” he said during a live stream by the Scioto Post. The Post wrote that “Mick executed a search warrant at the New Holland Police Department’s office for files” pertaining to the departure of Police Chief William Lawless.

The Fayetteville Advocate obtained a copy of the search warrant affidavit which reported that Mick found evidence that “Conrad had forged Lawless’ signature on a form changing his police status.” It appears that Lawless was “believed to be in the state of Alabama on that date [that the form was signed] and not present in the state of Ohio.”

The supposed forged form was taken during the search.

Betzko acted as if he was above the law and “refused to accept the charges from Mick by throwing the paper back” at him. When he also went to Conrad’s office, he was fired from his job.

Some residents are furious and have demanded the mayor resign. “That’s retaliation,” they said. Mick said that there was “probable cause of criminal violations and [that] I carried out my oath of office by investigating them.”

He also said, “While it is disheartening and a violation of the law to be retaliated against and terminated for obeying the oath of office, it does not stop here. This is about the law and the law will be carried out. What is right is right, and what is wrong is wrong. It doesn’t matter who you are.

The two accused officers have yet to provide statements. However, a “village administrator” said that the sergeant was guilty of “pursuing a personal agenda with these baseless charges.”

Sgt. Mick has abused his position as a village police officer,” claimed New Holland village solicitor John Gonzales in a press release. “He has violated the established chain of command and conducted an improper search.”

Some of the residents don’t seem to agree. One of them has since set up a GoFundMe page to help the fired officer “with expenses and legal fees should he decide to file a wrongful termination lawsuit.” Mick has also told the Columbus Dispatch that he plans to file for whistleblower protection, as well.

If what Mick says is true, this case highlights why certain people distrust the authorities.

Thankfully, the former officer does not appear to be about to allow the injustice to stand.