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Dem Candidate Arrested On Dangerous Charge But Records Reveal Horrifying Truth

David Alcon has been arrested...again.

People make mistakes. Doing something illegal does not necessarily mean someone is a terrible person who should never be trusted. However, sometimes an arrest or a run-in with the law is an indication of a serious problem.

It turns out that Democrat David Alcon falls into the latter category as he was arrested on Friday on a felony stalking charge. A look at his record reveals this is not the first time for the New Mexico politician.

Starting at the beginning, Alcon was convicted in 2007 of stalking his ex-girlfriend. On the morning before the trial began in that case, the clearly obsessed man sprinkled rose petals on the woman’s porch.

He was also accused of breaking into his ex-girlfriend’s home. The prosecutor stated that police responded when the alarm went off and found Alcon passed out on the floor. He was convicted of aggravated stalking and trespassing. District Judge Michael Vigil stated before the sentencing;

“It was just unbelievable to me, David, that on the eve of trial you were violating my court order knowing I had you on (global positioning system) and would know what you’d be doing. That is creepy. That is scary for a person. You would not go away. Violence takes a lot of different forms. [What you did] was a form of violence to the victim.”

Alcon served approximately one year in jail and three years probation which did not teach him a lesson based on his latest crime. The woman involved in the case says she met Alcon about 10 years ago and has texted him previously. However, after a Halloween party they both were at this year, the creepy messages began.

The woman states that Alcon told her he loved her and wanted to have children with her. She also says that he sent genital pictures to her.

She called police at one point to say that Alcon was outside of her apartment. Two weeks ago a warrant was issued for his arrest which was finally executed this week.

Currently, Alcon is being held without bail.

It would be comforting to say that this should end Alcon’s run in politics. Since Democrats are notoriously “forgiving” about these types of incidents, the outcome just isn’t clear at this point.

Source: Daily Caller