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Dem Continues To Funnel Campaign Cash To Sister’s Law Firm

Clay (pictured) refused to comment on the money that his family is getting.

In America, the family has always helped in politics. The nation has a love for their first ladies, often building monuments and libraries in their honor. By the same token, President Donald Trump has used his trusted family members in various roles during his time in office. However, it is possible to take things so far obvious corruption appears, as the Free Beacon has noted.

Representative William Lacy Clay (D-MO) “continues to push campaign funds to a law firm run by his sister,” they report. So far, “nearly $1 million in payments since first appearing on the campaign’s payroll 16 years ago,” according to data compiled by the Federal Elections Committee. In total, over a million dollars has changed hands and gone to his sister’s firm.

The St. Louis, Missouri Democrat has a campaign committee called “Clay Jr. for Congress,” directed a whopping $27,000 “in disbursements to the Law Office of Michelle C. Clay, LLC.”

The payments were found to have spanned from January 1st to March 30th.

Very little is publically known about the Bethesda, Maryland, company that sits right outside of Washington D.C. There is no website and no physical address, either.

The capital was “marked for fundraising, community organizing, and compliance purposes,” the Beacon wrote. This Missouri democrat looks to be skirting the law.

The campaign of Clay also “paid $6,000 to Fraioli & Associates” for purposes that likely included fundraising, it has been disclosed. Still, what seems most off center here is the fact that, even after paying so much for fundraising, just $53,521 was taken in.

This is not the first time that the representative’s sister has made out, either. “Clay disbursed a total $98,500 from his campaign to his sister’s law firm in 2017,” it is known. All told, $125,000 was moved to his sister in Maryland just in the last cycle!

In the 2016 cycle, “$166,000 in payments was made to his sister’s firm, and between the 2002 to the 2014 election cycles, Michelle’s law office was paid $684,584.” This all adds up to the fact that she has seen over a million dollars come her way in the last sixteen years.

Clay nor his campaign had anything to say when asked by the media about this vast amount of money that looks a bit like slush fund on steroids.

Will this be allowed to stand? If so, no matter what party or ideology one supports, the whole system will suffer. Before long, this will become more normalized that it is now. Honesty and integrity will mean even less than they do currently.

That won’t be a boon for anyone…except for those like Clay’s sister, of course.