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Democrats Beg Withdrawal In House Seat Race After ‘Domestic Violence’ Surfaces

Due to his history, his own party wants him to step away from the race.

A great uproar was heard when President Donald Trump wanted to work with a man who had a troubled marriage. Now Mediaite has just reported that Democrats are going through the same fire. They write that Archie Parnell is a “Democratic congressional candidate hoping to flip a House seat in South Carolina,” even though he has a history of domestic violence.

A divorce filing from the 1970’s proves that “the Democrat who nearly won a special election in 2017” was a man who used to beat his wife. The Post and Courier have confirmed that this abuse took place while Parnell was “a student at the University of South Carolina.” Some liberals have said that this violence directly contradicts their values. Reports are that when he was locked out of the apartment that he and his then-wife, Kathleen Parnell, lived in, the congressional hopeful “broke a glass door with a tire iron and struck her several times.

He also hit his wife later in the evening, so this was not “just” an outburst.

Some on the left will argue that this was well over four decades ago, yet this is a grace that is and was never extended to Republicans who’ve erred in their past. Furthermore, this seems like a rather severe incident, a fact that adds to the gravity.

The attack was so bad that after it, Kathleen Parnell promptly filed for divorce and applied for a restraining order, which she obtained. The marriage ended soon after in 1974.

When “campaign staffers” asked about the finding, Parnell, to his credit, admitted to what he had done. However, his refusal to step down from the race is causing many to question his ethics and staffers are leaving him in droves.

Democratic operative Yates Baroody left Parnell’s side when she learned the facts. “As soon as I discovered them, I immediately resigned from the campaign and advised Archie he should withdraw from the campaign immediately,” she declared. “He has no business running for Congress and he never did.”

South Carolina Democratic Party chairman Trav Robertson also longs to see Parnell depart from the race. The walls are closing in.

In a statement, the Democrat said, “This campaign has always been about the people of the 5th district, my home, but never about me. Forty five years ago, while still a college student, I did something that I have regretted every single day since.”

He also stated, “In response to actions I feel unnecessary to specify, I lashed out and became violent with other people, including my former wife, which led to a divorce and monumental change in my life.”

Lastly, he added, “These actions were inexcusable, wrong and downright embarrassing. Since then, my life has been changed by a remarkable woman, two amazing daughters, a forgiving God and a career that has taught me to cherish what I have.”

If the man has truly changed, he claims to worship a God of second chances. Though he may be sincere, the bigger picture is that the left is willing to act as abuse is something that evil G.O.P. members engage in, not loving and kind Democrats. There is no talk of “forgiveness” anytime that a Republican or non-socialist messes up in any way, much less in such a severe incident.

In light of this sad revelation, Archie Parnell has no choice but to withdraw from the race for the 5th Congressional District,” opined Robertson. “His actions, though long ago, directly contradict the values of the Democratic Party.”

It remains to be seen how many Democrats agree.