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Democrats Bring In A New ‘Expert’ After They Realize Their Extinction

Illinois Rep, Cheri Bustos is the Democratic Party's new hope.

This story begs the question, how exactly did Democrats get so out of touch with the voters they claim to care about? Someone has finally realized that the Party is on a downhill slide with no end in sight. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has asked Illinois Representative Cheri Bustos for help.

Her new title will be Chairwoman of Heartland Engagement, just the sort of mushy terms liberals hope will win them new voters. Bustos will allegedly be “mentoring Democratic candidates and helping shape an economic message in rural areas.” She issued a statement about her new appointment saying, “The Heartland is critical to winning back the majority and we must do a better job listening to the hardworking families from small towns and rural communities if we hope to earn their support.”

Nobody can look at this map and think the Democrats don’t need help.

If she truly believes that the Democrats need change, she may be the only one in her Party who does. As of right now, she is the only Congress member from mid-America to be in a House leadership position. She is co-chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

She has already been filling this “engagement” role, albeit unofficially. She began a boot camp for Democrats this year to prepare them to run for office. Last year she helped to mentor female candidates. Perhaps she should have spoken to Hillary.

From the outside, this move truly elicits amusement. Less than a year ago, the Democratic Party was poised to put the first woman into the White House and now they need boot camp. Their fall began long before Hillary, they just had no clue; and most of them still don’t.

This may be little more than a publicity stunt and may even win over a few voters. However, no one person, regardless of her talents or place of residence, has the power to fix what is wrong with the liberals.

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