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Democrats Stall At The Demands Of Angry Leftist Groups

Some people would be apt to say that Schumer (pictured) and many in his party are acting like pouting children.

When Democrats are in office, they put people on the Supreme Court like the former leader of the God-hating A.C.L.U., Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. However, when it comes time for the other side to make a choice, no matter who it is, the left whines like a cat with its tail caught under a boot, as the Washington Times has reported today.

The Times has written that “Senate Democrats closed down the chamber floor Wednesday to protest the confirmation hearings of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.” The hearings were “allowed” to continue “only after the GOP agreed to quit floor business for the rest of the day.” This foolish orchestration was done, likely to appease angry leftist groups.

To begin with, who are these Democrats to be saying what is and isn’t “allowed?” Many people think they lost the election in part because many Americans wanted the kind of people who President Donald Trump is picking for the bench, it can be said.

Senate rules dictate that “committees need consent from both sides of the aisle to meet into the afternoon when the floor is also in session.” This permission is almost always given, yet Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) apparently wanted to get his name in the news again and he refused.

Like a pouting school child, he said, “We will not consent to business as usual on the Senate floor today.” There is no word on whether or not he wanted to take his ball and go home, too.

Schumer needed the press because leftist groups were barking and complaining that Democrats were not doing enough to mess up the confirmation of Trump’s rightfully chosen justice.

The Times closed by saying that “Democrats have little structural power, having curtailed the filibuster with their own ‘nuclear option’ maneuver in 2013.”

Here is the point: If the former leader of the A.C.L.U. can be said to be qualified to be a justice due to her experience and not her perceived leftist stances (like marrying gay couples), then the same yardstick needs to be applied to those who Mr. Trump choose, as well. If not, it is hard to define just what “fair” is.

Is there some problem with Judge Kavanaugh that needs to be addressed or is he simply hated because he is not a liberal and because he is the choice of America’s chosen leader, President Donald J. Trump? The answer seems to be quite clear since no evidence has been presented to the contrary.

This is what happens when a party loses an election, a sour apple that the right has had to eat many times. Now that it is time for Schumer and his gang of ghouls to dine, it seems that they can’t seem to lift the fork.