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Dems And GOP Join Forces On Bill To “Protect” Special Counsel Robert Mueller

A few turncoat Republicans have joined Trump-hating Democrats to protect Mueller's errors.

Two facts exist in D.C. and both truths are about to meet in a terrible clash. First off, President Donald Trump has every right and justification for firing Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, now that he has taken the investigation outside the realm of the baseless Russia scandal. The second truth is that those opposed to Mr. Trump are fully aware of this, but will stop at nothing (even known immoral acts) to get him removed from office or to diminish his image in eyes of the world and his base. These facts were addressed recently an article from the Hill and the details are quite grim.

Senators Cory Booker (D-N.J), Christopher Coons (D-DE) and RINOs Lindsey Graham (R-SC), and Thom Tillis (R-NC) are “introducing new legislation to limit President Trump’s ability to fire special counsel Robert Mueller.” These four lawmakers are qualmless when it comes stopping the president for standing up for himself as the special counsel ignores the rules of lawyer/client privilege.

Called “the Special Counsel Independence and Integrity Act,” this screed of justice was announced today and would guarantee that Mueller (or any other special counsel) would receive “expedited judicial review” within ten days of being fired. This would allow others to decide if “good cause” was used.

If not, Mueller would get the job back!

The biggest problem at this time is the fact that those who may be charged to review if “good cause” was used are those who have a wish to dethrone a leader, in this case, President Trump. This would open every single president to the whims of those who oppose them.

This act would also “codify regulations that only a senior Justice Department official can fire a special counsel” and that the firing must come with a reason why. This detail, in Mueller’s case, would be very easy to write down and would likely fill volumes.

We need to ensure not only that special counsel Mueller can complete his work without interference, but that special counsels in future investigations can, too,” opined Coons. Of course, the major problem here is that some Special Counsels should NOT be allowed to complete their work!

For example, those like Mueller who breach lawyer/client privilege, conduct an investigation on known scams put forth by the DNC and former foreign agents, allow open opposition to take part in the investigation (aka Strzok), and who have expanded the probing into areas far removed from Russian concerns should be fired.

Only someone with an agenda would call such a firing anything butgood cause.”

Tillis said that the “compromise bipartisan bill helps ensure that special counsels — present or future — have the independence they need to conduct fair and impartial investigations.” Giving law enforcement too much independence has toppled elected leadership and oppressed people for all of history, so the reasoning seems utterly lost by such statements.

President Trump has tweeted, “[sic] Attorney–client privilege is dead!” Trump said in a tweet, adding, “A TOTAL WITCH HUNT!!,” a fact that is all but impossible to not see.

That is unless the plan is to just remove from office via Special Counsel anyone who the deep state dislikes, but they would never do such things, would they?