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Dem’s Ex-IT Staffer Set For Court Date, Then Journalist Notices Sudden Disappearance

The trial date for Imran Awan has disappeared.

The Awan brothers saga has not ended. Although Democrats probably wish it would vanish but the trial date for the ex-IT staffer Imran Awan is looming. Or it was.

Daily Caller reporter Luke Rosiak noticed today that the scheduled January 8, 2018, court date suddenly disappeared from the court calendar.

The news comes as Rosiak recently reported that Awan may have operated a used car dealership in order to hide an overseas money laundering operation.

Rosiak wrote;

“If a customer showed up looking to buy a car from Cars International A, often referred to as CIA, Abid Awan — who was managing partner of the dealership while also earning $160,000 handling IT for House Democrats — would frequently simply go across the street to another dealership called AAA Motors and get one.”

Imran Awan was arrested in August along with his wife. The two worked for Democrats including former Democratic National Committee (DNC) chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

She kept employing him even though he was forbidden to work on computers while he was being investigated. She didn’t fire him until he was arrested.

Rosiak notes;

“The money that disappeared between the Awans’ dealership, some $7 million in congressional pay, the equipment suspected of disappearing from Congress under their watch, and their other side businesses — all while they displayed few signs of wealth and frequently haggled in court over small amounts of money — raise questions about whether the Awans might have been laundering money or sending it to a third party.”

The Awan’s have a story to tell and it involves some high-level Democrats. There is absolutely no way that either current or former members of the Party are not going to be harmed by what is revealed at trial.

With the trial date mysteriously disappearing, it is unclear what is actually happening with the case. Could it have something to do with the reports of the money laundering front? It is certainly possible.

There are a lot more questions than answers right now.

Source: The Daily Caller