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Denied: Judge SLAMS Dem Congressman’s Request As Bribery Case Goes Public

The defense in the Menendez trial is not happy with Judge William Walls.

The mainstream media has continued to be silent on the major corruption trial of New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez. To them, only right-wing politicians make the front page when allegations like these are involved. It is no surprise that the latest trial request from Menendez and his lawyers didn’t make the headlines. Neither did the news that they received word on the decision of the judge this morning.

Menendez’s lawyers filed for a new trial on Sunday. Their argument was that Judge William Walls is barring them from presenting their defense in court. According to the lawyers, Walls did not allow pieces of evidence they considered crucial. Allegedly, he also blocked a key witness who “could have exonerated Menendez of any wrongdoing.”

The defense in the Menendez trial is not happy with Judge William Walls.

Unsurprisingly, Wall did not agree with their interpretation of the case so far. He stated;

“It’s a question for this court to determine when enough is enough. It’s not a question that the court interferes with your presentation of the defense. Absolutely not.”

The defense may have anticipated that ruling and could possibly be laying the groundwork for an appeal if they lose the case. In a strange twist, his losing the case could actually impact Republicans.

A conviction would result in the loss of his Senate seat and the next New Jersey governor would fill the vacancy. Current Governor Chris Christie is leaving and the front-runner is a Democrat which would mean a Democratic Senator.

Menendez’ partner in the scheme has already been convicted.

Menendez is accused of a pay-for-play scheme. He allegedly accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in gifts and funds for helping Florida physician Salomon Melgen. Long-time Democratic donor Melgen was convicted on 67 counts of fraud. He was found guilty of stealing more than $105 million from Medicare between 2008 and 2013. This was yet another Democrat-related trial that barely made the news.

Source: The Daily Caller