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“Designed To Intimidate”: FBI Source Confirms Worst About Raid On Trump Adviser

Manafort's home was raided to intimidate the man, not to further justice.

The raid on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s home that was conducted by the F.B.I. was no small ordeal. It lasted over ten full hours and is said to have included “dozens of agents,” according to Fox News. The bureau seized “documents labeled ‘attorney-client,’” another source close to the case confirms.

Now we have learned from the same F.B.I. source some things that confirm everyone’s worst fears regarding this raid on Trump’s friend and advisor. Ths unnamed person told Fox News that it was “heavy-handed, designed to intimidate.”

Manafort and his wife were asleep at the time of the raid, we are told, and agents entered at 6 am without any warning. While a warrant was present, doing such “no knock” kind of entry is a great way to be shot on accident.

Using a process known as “mirroring,” the agents “collected records,” some of which was “privileged material to aid Manafort’s preparation for congressional testimony.”

This is an unusual step, there is no getting around it,” said former Justice Department official Tom Dupree about the raid which took place one week before Manafort was to appear before the Senate.

He added, “It is an aggressive step. I think it sends a very strong message both to Manafort himself and potentially other people who might be targets of this investigation that [Special Counsel Robert] Mueller is going to pursue this aggressively.”

Dupree also points out that “This is unusual because, ordinarily, if you are in the process of testifying before Congress and turning documents over to Congress, you would think the prosecutors might say, ‘Well this person is cooperating and there is no need for us to go in and get a search warrant.”

Everyone connected with Trump has seen some kind of shadow from the fake news that is the Russian hack scandal.

This was more of a show of muscle than a legal maneuver as proven by “the fact that Mueller, nonetheless, went in, got a search warrant and raided his home suggests that there is something else going on here … and it suggests that Mueller doesn’t trust Manafort or that for whatever reason he thought that if he waited for Manafort to voluntarily comply, that Mueller might not get all the evidence he wanted,” continued Depree who served as principal deputy assistant attorney general during the George W. Bush administration.

It is clear what is happening here. The F.B.I. has become a political tool and this is making everything much more complicated. Raiding the home of a man who is already co-operating about a Russia scandal that is fake news to start with is just one more step taken to prove that fact.

Source: Fox News