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DHS Hires Election Chairman To Help Authorities Prevent Hacks During 2018 Elections

Will election security finally be a priority.

After Russia got everyone deeply concerned about elections in the U.S. being handled in part by Mr. Putin, many solutions have been doled out as to what will work to fix the problems now exposed. The most logical answer may be to rely on the ever-reliable paper ballots (which is what Russia does so that the U.S. can not return the deeds to them), but some people are taking different steps, as the Washington Examiner showed today.

The “Department of Homeland Security has hired the former chairman of the Election Assistance Commission, Matt Masterson” to assist “federal, state, and local authorities coordinate cybersecurity efforts ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.” He shall now be the “senior cybersecurity adviser within the National Protection and Programs Directorate’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications.”

There are few who have Matt’s experience working with all levels of government and the private sector to protect our nation’s election systems. His wealth of experience and depth of knowledge make him highly respected on both sides of the aisle,” declared Chris Krebs, “NPPD senior official performing the duties of the undersecretary.”

Masterson has past work experience “as chief information officer in the Ohio secretary of state’s office and at the EAC” where he is said to have “significantly advanced” cybersecurity protocols.

This would seem to imply that he feels that trusting computers after he is done will be safe. That may not be the case since some U.S. systems were so easily breached by the Russians in 2016.

Even if his way does halt the existing problems, new ones will be here in mere days since technology works at amazing speeds of advancement. Using paper ballots would eliminate hacking concerns but have their own issues as well.

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was criticized by Democrats was only last week for not doing enough. Some believe that is why Masterson was appointed.

Paper ballots would address these woes. Putting a new person in charge is just changing bandages on a corpse if they don’t make some serious changes. Fraud, meddling, and faulty outcomes were rampant in 2016, that needs to be fixed immediately.

As the next round of elections looms, the common voter has to pray that Masterson understands this most basic of facts.