Donald Trump Pulls No Punches as He Condemns U.N. Leaders For Their Folly in Regards to Tyrant | Teddy Stick

Donald Trump Pulls No Punches as He Condemns U.N. Leaders For Their Folly in Regards to Tyrant

Trump called it just as he saw it with members of the UN eating right beside him.

There are many within Congress who are not so sure that Syrian President Bashar al Assad used chemical weapons on his people or anyone else. For one thing, he has no motive for doing so since that using a banned WMD would be the only thing that could spur the world to defy Putin and topple the tyrant. Many have said that the weapons were used either by terrorists to frame Assad or by attacking terror cells and hitting their stolen stockpile of chemical agents. One person who does  NOT buy into either of these arguments at all is U.S. President Donald Trump.

Instead, the White House puts the blame not only on Assad, but also on those who allowed the dictator to grow in the first place. Today Trump openly said to the Security Council at a luncheon that their “inaction” towards Syria when chemical weapons were used before was their “failure.” He used the truthfully harsh words as they sat there at the table with him, no less.

Chemical weapons have brought a lot of misery in Syria. Trump blames Assad and asks why the U.N. allowed him to grow while others refrain from blaming the Syrian leader.

The President also explained that he was “disappointed” over the fact that the “UN doesn’t like to take on problems” and that the 15 member nations represented were “blindfolded” to problems like North Korea. US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, said that the meeting was an opportunity for leaders to see how the White House is “engaged in foreign policy” as well as how Trump “really need[s] them to engage.”

This is a slippery slope since if the U.N. were to go too far, even if Assad is guilty, then it can be argued that they are no better than Geroge W. Bush who they (and Trump) have rightfully condemned. Then again, the United Nations are supposed to be able to smooth over the world’s problems so that war is a last resort only.

Regardless of where one stands on the matter, what is known is that Trump seems to be keeping yet another promise to the voters. He had said that he was going to stop having Americans used as a cannon fodder, a police force, and a nanny. Judging by the way that the President called such facts to the open in the middle of lunch, it is not likely that he will be looking to back down from that pledge anytime soon.

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