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Elderly Couple Vanishes Mysteriously, 8 Days Later Their Children’s Worst Fear Comes True

A combination of dementia, bad health, mud, and heat killed this couple who were married for 59 years.

For some people who struggle with their health, simply getting out of bed in the morning is a task that is nothing short of daunting. Mary Tarnowski, for instance, at the age of only 42 endured a stroke that paralyzed the entire right side of her body. Her husband, Ron, spent the last 35 years by his spouse’s side, loyally and lovingly as her caretaker and life’s partner during their 59-year marriage.

Mary, 78, and Ron, 81 faced new issues as the husband also needed care at his advanced age. Therefore, when their son Karl Tarnowski found the house empty there was a reason for concern. Sadly it has ended with his worst fears coming true, MSN has confirmed.

When the sun sets they’ve always been home,” the younger Tarnowski said. The couple drove somewhere that day and informed no one of it and they’d “left behind a cell phone, Mary’s wheelchair and purse, and all of their medications.”

By only 10 p.m., considering the circumstances, the police were called and for the next week “the family, law enforcement and hundreds of community members in Duluth” searched literally “thousands of miles” for the missing pair.

Facebook had a group called “Find Ron and Mary Tarnowski” that 7,000 were involved in.  On top of that, fliers were made up, purple ribbons were flown (Alzheimer’s color), news conferences were held outside of the family home, firefighters joined in, and even over 100 police and citizens tried to solve this.

This loving couple lived 59 years as husband and wife and they died together shortly after dinner at a local bar and grill.

On Saturday, 8 days after the mystery began, terrible news arrived as “U.S. Border Patrol helicopter found the couple’s Chevy Tahoe down an overgrown, abandoned driveway in a swampy area,” reports tell us.

Mrs. Tarnowski was found lifeless inside of the Tahoe while her husband was found dead “about 50 feet from the road.” It appears that he had driven accidentally off of the road and into the mud, according to Lt. Mike Ceynowa, public information officer for the Duluth Police Department.

Karl Tarnowski and his wife Bev Tarnowski embrace in grief as the worst is confirmed.

The loving husband is thought to have exited the vehicle to seek help.

Google Earth shows us how far the confused pair roamed.

The infirmed wife died of dehydration and heat it is believed that Mr. Tonowski seems to have fallen in the mud, though this should not have killed him. An autopsy is being ordered to answer all questions.

The crash site was over 30 miles away from their home and it is thought that the husband’s dementia played a role in this. Still, how did the wife not stop the journey beforehand? No one knows.

They ate at a local bar and grill and the security footage shows a couple who could hardly get around At least now, albeit ever so sadly, they departed this world together, just as they had lived in it.

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