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Facebook CEO Announces Ridiculous “News” Changes, Will Rely On Users For Trust Rating

This is the best that innovater Mark Zuckerberg could come up with?

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has announced today that the social media site will be making changes to how they decide which news organizations to trust. The social media giant will now ask users to decide if a media outlet is trustworthy or not. The input will have a direct impact on the type of news seen.

Let that sink in for a moment. Facebook users, the same people who spend time sharing pictures of food, updates on their day, and videos of kids and animals, will now be judging if the news is to be trusted or not.

Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on the groundbreaking news policy.

Zuckerberg states that news organizations who are deemed trustworthy will be prioritized in the News Feeds of Facebook’s 2 billion users. He claims the goal is to “make sure the news you see, while less overall, is high quality.”

Zuckerberg went on to say;

“There’s too much sensationalism, misinformation, and polarization in the world today. Social media enables people to spread information faster than ever before, and if we don’t specifically tackle these problems, then we end up amplifying them. That’s why it’s important that News Feed promotes high-quality news that helps build a sense of common ground.”

The rest of Zuckerberg’s announcement.

It is completely unclear why random Facebook users should be allowed to make such weighty decisions. Users will be asked if they are familiar with the news organization and if they do, is it a source they consider trustworthy. The collected information will decide where the outlet is ranked in the site’s News Feed.

Zuckerberg offered a baffling explanation for this, stating, “The idea is that some news organizations are only trusted by their readers or watchers, and others are broadly trusted across society even by those who don’t follow them directly.”

Apparently, the amount of news seen by users won’t change, just the so-called “balance.” This is a truly liberal idea. Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the news outlets judged by a neutral party? It would, which is exactly why the liberal Facebook would never suggest it. Instead, users will decide and the news found on the site will be as “balanced” as it always has been.

Source: Washington Examiner