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Facebook Live Video Captures Carnage As Man Opens Fire On Crowd

Gunfire happens amidst a full crowd of people.These two images show what the horror that happened in Myrtle Beach on Sunday.

A brave tourist has filmed a video in Myrtle Beach that has garnered over 2.1 million views and that has seen more than 70,000 shares in less than a day. Had the infuriated gunman seen firing in the melee that caused the viral video shot up towards the second floor where a Facebook Live Stream was recording the event, this could have ended badly for the tourist behind the camera!

As it is, seven people were left injured in the shooting which happened after a fight broke out around 12:30 in the morning on Ocean Blvd, the Daily Caller reports.

The victims are said to have suffered non-life-threatening injuries which were sustained after a man, seen on film, is not only attacked, but begins firing a gun in return.

Lt Joey Crosby has said that because a large crowd had amassed and was blocking traffic flow near “5th Ave N and Ocean Boulevard around 12:25 a.m,” officers were called to the scene.

Three members of the group begin fighting only moments before cops arrive, sirens blaring.

A man in a white shirt (who may have fired a gun only moments prior) is the one attacked. A group of 3 men cowardly attack the man and beat him while he is down.

He, in turn, pulls out a gun and the men scurry from him. As they flee, he tries to shoot them in the back, returning the cowardice that he had just endured.

The video is filmed by Bubba Hinson, from Bethune, South Carolina. He is filming down from a hotel window as at least 12 shots are heard going off. At NO point in the video does he cower or hide as he records, however.

The shooter carjacked a vehicle to make his getaway, we are told, but Crosby said that the car and the shooter have been recovered.

This happy places was turned upside down on Sunday.

The crime scene at more peaceful times.

The gunman’s name can not be released until he is “cleared medically and warrants are served.”

Hinson is heard saying, “officer down,” perhaps referring to a security guard and witness who suffered what is being called a “graze wound to the leg,” but was treated at the scene. He, thankfully, did not even need to be taken into the E.R.

Only an officer’s car was hit, yet Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes still said that “Social media today puts this word out quickly.”

It does not look good for the city of Myrtle Beach,” he admitted, also. Since this was the third shooting within 8 hours, his words are only too true.

The aftermath of needless violence.

Medics arrive following gunfire on Sunday in Myrtle Beach.

In a sign that the most unlucky criminal (with over 2 million views of his crimes) is NOT going to escape justice in ANY way, Rhodes also says, “We’re gonna send a message to do everything that’s humanly possible to stop this violence in our city.

That, more than anything, may be a good first step in saving one of America’s most prized vacation destinations. A common sense government that punishes violent crime instead of the petty crimes that we are filling our prisons with now is a must.

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