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Farm Bill Fails In House

The Farm Bill took a nose dive as the border remains a sticking point.

Government tit for tat is expected, even encouraged in order to keep everyone able to speak and to be represented freely. However, when battles over issues like immigration start to be used as poker chips for things like a Farm Bill, the healthy exchange is no longer healthy, as Fox News has reported today.

A “subsidy-packed farm bill that also would have tightened food stamp rules failed in the House on Friday,” marking a major loss for the Republicans. It is said that they “faced an uprising from conservatives over inaction on immigration.” This is viewed by Fox News as an “uprising” caused by a coming leadership void.

This is the kind of gridlock that helps no one. The Constitution is clear on matters of migration, even if some of those in D.C. are not.

The doomed Farm Bill was “voted down 213-198” saw it’s fate after the “conservative House Freedom Caucus threatened to withhold support without an agreement on an immigration bill vote.

House Speaker Paul Ryan, (R-WI)., Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), and Whip Steve Scalise, (R-LA) were said to have been in very stern looking conversations with lawmakers just before the voting took place. There were 30 Republicans who did not support the bill and not one Democrat did.

Ryan was left hoping for a revote.

We experienced a setback today after a streak of victories all week,” proclaimed House Agriculture Committee Chairman Michael Conaway (R-TX). “We may be down, but we are not out.”

He did not let the setback sway him from his belief that they will “deliver a strong, new farm bill on time as the president of the United States has called on us to do.”

The warning was clear: the freedom caucus has demanded “a vote on a conservative bill that would boost border security and support the construction of a wall, among other changes.” Way back in June, it was said that if this promise was not kept, support for the Farm Bill would perish.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows (R-NC) said via his spokesman that he did not support the bill because not enough attention was given to immigration, a valid concern. While he hopes for discussions in the coming days to fix the issues that exist, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) said, “We want to make sure we get the right thing done on immigration.

Many DACA recipients are viewed as illegal aliens, a status supported by both the founding document as well as true conservative thought. This is also part of the problem casting a monkey wrench into the process.

Subsidies for sugar, food stamp time limits, and other outcomes all hinged on this vote, so the talks that Meadows await will surely be quite heated. Demands are, for example, that those getting assistance work only 80 hours per month (when able) in order to keep getting the help. This is a notion supported by many who are tired of seeing the system abused.

This change would apply to able-bodied recipients aged 18-49.

The “disappointment” that the president now feels as the vote failed to produce a healthy Farm Bill is caused by an “uprising” that “is also a symptom of the shaky leadership situation” since Ryan is retiring from office.

No one should fret too much, however. Mr. Trump made a promise to accomplish a certain number of goals and this hurdle will not stop the progress.

At least not according to his track record thus far.