Federal Prosecutor On Top DNC Crime Case Just 'Committed Suicide', But Police Find No Weapon | Teddy Stick

Federal Prosecutor On Top DNC Crime Case Just ‘Committed Suicide’, But Police Find No Weapon

In the beginning, police gave no inidication they thought this might be a suicide.

When we speak about the mysterious murders connected to the DNC, most people think Seth Rich. His tragic murder was certainly one of the first we know about and probably the most well-known. However, since Rich’s killing, several other bodies have turned up under suspicious circumstances. One of those Beranton Whisenant, Jr., a Miami lawyer who was found dead on a beach in Florida in May.

Whisenant worked for the U.S. Attorney’s Office and at the time of his death was handling several cases involving visa and passport fraud in Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s district. The police have declared that the man’s death was a suicide but there is one flaw in that conclusion; they have searched for two months in a two-block radius around the crime scene and found no gun.

Beranton Whisenant was married with three children.

Whisenant’s untimely passing should be even more suspicious since the arrest of Imran Awan, the IT employee of dozens of Democrats including Schultz. As Teddy Stick reported earlier this week, that arrest has led to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley requesting the immigration files for Awan and his associates.

Let’s put aside those facts and look at this supposed suicide. The man had a good job and had just been hired as a federal prosecutor. He was married and had three children as well. He was a volunteer and colleagues report he had plans to become a judge eventually. This is not the profile of a suicide victim.

From the beginning, the police have been very quiet on the whole issue. Despite it being a federal prosecutor who was dead, no federal agencies claimed to be involved and there was minimal press about what happened.

Whisenant was highly praised by his colleagues and well-loved in the legal community.

Now, almost three months later they have decided that it was a suicide but can’t find the gun he used. A case could be made that it washed away in the ocean and that is undoubtedly what will be said. It seems likely that the powder residue on his hand, a good indicator of suicide, would have also washed away. So it begs the question, how did they make this determination?

The unfortunate answer is we may never know. People who defy the DNC are turning up dead, we are sure of that. Their deaths have been, at the very least, questionable. And the growing body count points to it being far less likely that this is all a coincidence.

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