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First Family Lands On Dark White House Lawn, Taken Aback As They See The Surprise

Mr. and Mrs. Trump were greeted by cheers when they got home.

There is nothing that the media likes doing more than under-reporting (or outright ignoring) the many victories that Donald Trump has scored and secured for his nation. For instance, since the president took office, over 1 million jobs have been created, yet the hatefully biased mainstream media has said almost nothing of it.

When Donald Trump’s airplane touched down with his wife and the ever rapidly growing Byron Trump, one would think that America’s leader might have been shunned due to his anti-violence stances on Virginia. However, as video shows, he was taken aback as a crowd greeted them with cheers and well-wishes when he touched down again in D.C.

That is the secret that is not getting told due to the liberal the media and their relentless desire to see the man who the voters chose fail. Since Trump refuses to cater to those who have ruined America, he is a target for them.

Just the same, the average man or woman does not think that Trump has really done anything wrong. He could not, for example, say “YES, let us attack the NAZIs” because he would create an atmosphere of vigilantism.

Likewise, he would not have said, “it is a shame that ANTIFA were attacked” since there was no choice BUT to attack them since they promoted the violence, not the other way around.

For that matter, while we all support the men in blue, it was the Charlottesville Police who marched the Unite the Right protesters past ANTIFA members that the terrorists could attack them.

Trump is not doing badly in the eyes of the American people, though the media says otherwise.

All of this was wrong. Trump was quite accurate for condemning both sides because it does not matter what one believes, according to the Constitution, but what one does.  No opposing viewpoint is to be the target of any violence at any time.

Until that can be admitted, Trump will keep being called a bigot and each time, it will be just as baseless as it was before.

Source: YouTube