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Ford’s Housing Design Story Opens The Door For Questions

Ford (pictured) seems to have misrepresented her story, as some people see it, thus opening the door for questions.

The fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford can not remember vast amounts of information about the alleged attack that she endured from Judge Brett Kavanaugh is something that Ford herself has admitted. However, the Gateway Pundit revealed today that she isn’t too sure about when an extra front door was put onto her home, either.

Ford testified that the second door was put on when she and her husband added the second floor to the dwelling. However, it has been established that the door was there years before,” and now it appears that it had nothing to do with her feelings of safety from the supposed Kavanaugh assault. A bit of digging in regards to this fact has revealed a huge problem, one that much of the media has overlooked.

The Washington Post wrote that on Thursday, Ford stated to the committee that “Over the years, I told very, very few friends that I had this traumatic experience. I told my husband before we were married that I had experienced a sexual assault. I had never told the details to anyone — the specific details — until May 2012, during a couples counseling session.”

She added, “The reason this came up in counseling is that my husband and I had completed a very extensive, very long remodel of our home and I insisted on a second front door, an idea that he and others disagreed with and could not understand.

In explaining why I wanted a second front door, I began to describe the assault in detail. I recall saying that the boy who assaulted me could someday be on the U.S. Supreme Court, and spoke a bit about his background at an elitist all-boys school in Bethesda, Maryland. My husband recalls that I named my attacker as Brett Kavanaugh.

That is where the lie seems to stand out to many of those who are paying attention to what is being said and comparing it to known facts. The Pundit, for example, found that “Dr. Ford and her husband put the second front door on their house sometime after 2008.” Also, a Google search photo’s revealed that in 2007, there was no second door.

Data has shown that by 2011, when the home was very much still only a one-story dwelling, it had duo front doors.

All of these bit of information seems to some investigators to mean that it “may be more likely that the second door on the Ford house was installed to house renters or as a means for customers to visit a business set up in the house.”

It has also been suggested that there “may have been a business running out of the household with the second front door.

Further proof of this is the fact that the “Couples Research Center” was listed on Google as having had the same address, which would explain the second door. It, some say, was to separate the traffic from the business and the home, not because of looming thoughts of the alleged Kavanaugh attack.

While the #MeToo movement and many authentic victims may want to believe Ms. Ford (as they have said on many newscasts), the truth may point in a direction where doing so is simply impossible, as many conservatives have opined.